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EL11-023 - In the Matter of the Petition of Northern States Power Company d/b/a Xcel Energy for Approval of a Credit Mechanism for a Department of Energy Settlement Payment Along with Deferred Accounting and Approval to Depart from Its Fuel Clause Tariff, as Necessary

Date Filed: 08/16/11 ♦ Intervention Date: 09/02/11 ♦ Docket Closed: 01/30/11
Reopened: 12/14/12 ♦ Docket Reclosed: 01/30/13

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Weekly Filings 08/11/11 to 08/17/11

January 15, 2013, Agenda to Commission Meeting
January 17, 2012, Agenda to Commission Meeting
December 6, 2011, Agenda to Commission Meeting

Minutes of January 15, 2013, Commission Meeting
Minutes of January 17, 2012, Commission Meeting
Minutes of December 6, 2011, Commission Meeting

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