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EL17-042 - In the Matter of the Application of Otter Tail Power Company for an Energy Conversion Facility Permit for the Construction of a Combustion Turbine Generator and Associated Infrastructure Including a Natural Gas Pipeline and Electric Transmission Line near Astoria, South Dakota
Date Filed: 10/05/17 ♦ Intervention Date: 12/04/17 ♦
Date of Notice of Filing: 10/12/17 ♦ Docket Closed: 08/03/18
Docket Reopened: 05/27/21 ♦ Docket Reclosed: 11/01/23

Service List

October 24, 2017, Agenda of Commission Meeting
November 21, 2017, Addendum to Agenda of Commission Meeting
July 26, 2018, Agenda of Commission Meeting
June 22, 2021, Agenda of Commission Meeting

Minutes of October 24, 2017, Commission Meeting
Minutes of November 21, 2017, Commission Meeting
Minutes of July 26, 2018, Commission Meeting
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Minutes of the June 22, 2021, Commission Meeting

Party Status Application

Public Input Hearing on Monday, November 27, 2017, at 6:30 p.m., CST, at the Deubrook Elementary School Gymnasium, 695 Palisades Avenue, Toronto, South Dakota
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