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E-Filing Options

Instructions for electronically filing with the
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission


The SDPUC's E-Filing portal is for parties filing a new docket or for docket parties that are submitting filings for an existing docket. It should not be used by individuals to submit informal comments about dockets or otherwise. Individuals wishing to submit a comment on a PUC docket, should send it to Please read the guidelines about what information must be submitted with your comment and other guidelines.

If your filing is regarding a declaratory ruling, please thoroughly review the Declaratory Ruling Procedures first.

Documents to be filed with the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission shall be transmitted electronically. Files sent should be as a PDF file no larger than 20 MB. More than one document may be attached to the docket filing form as long as the combined document size does not exceed 20 MB. Filings 20 MB or larger will not be accepted. If it is necessary, because of file size, to make more than one electronic transmission, each part should be clearly labeled such as "ABC Filing, Part 1" and "ABC Filing, Part 2." Documents that are password-protected may not transmit. It is advised to scan such documents and transmit the scanned PDF file.

If it is necessary to submit an extraordinarily large filing that cannot be accommodated by multiple transmissions or files in a format other than PDF, please contact the PUC for special instructions one full business day before the intended date of filing.

Documents that require confidential treatment should be attached as separate PDF files, clearly identified as "confidential" in the file name and on each page of the confidential document. Both confidential and non-confidential documents may be attached to the same transmission form as long as the combined file size does not exceed 20 MB.

Upon receipt of your filing, the PUC will send you a confirmation notice via email. If you do not receive this notice within a reasonable time, contact the PUC by calling (605) 773-3201.

Filings received after 5 p.m. Central Time will be posted in the respective docket the next business day.

The PUC maintains a service list for each docket, which can be accessed from the “Service List” link on each docket page. This list will include commission staff assigned to the docket as well as the parties to the docket, their mailing addresses and their email addresses. The filer has the responsibility to send a copy of the document to each person on the service list at the same time it is filed with the commission. Please note that this service list is provided as a courtesy and is subject to change.

There are three options from which to select when electronically submitting documents to the PUC.

1. General Information (Button below) is recommended for use if you have general questions for the PUC about a specific docket but are not submitting a document. 

2. Docket Filing
(Button Below) is for all items related to a new or existing PUC docket. Selecting this option prompts a form which will need to be filled out and two buttons below the form which you can choose "New Docket" or "Existing Docket" (Please note to fill in the Docket Number on the form). All documents sent with this option will become part of the official docket.

3. Non-Docketed and Informational Submission (Button Below) is to be used when sending information for PUC staff review such as informational submissions, data requests, fuel clause adjustments, purchase gas adjustments, company name change notifications, discovery requests and responses, and correspondence to Executive Director. Selecting this option prompts a form which will need to be filled out. Please note to fill out the SEND TO for PUC staff member(s) who should receive this information. All documents sent with this option will not become part of the official docket and will go to staff.

4. Forms (Button Below) will give you access to the Telecommunications Provider Annual Report and Monthly Grain Storage Report forms.

Contact the PUC at (605) 773-3201 with questions about the electronic filing process.