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EL19-027 - In the Matter of the Application by Crowned Ridge Wind II, LLC for a Permit of a Wind Energy Facility in Deuel, Grant and Codington Counties

Pre-filed Testimonies and Exhibits; Supplemental Testimonies and Exhibits and Rebuttal Testimonies and Exhibits

Crowned Ridge Wind II, LLC
12/09/19 - Staff Pre-filed Direct Testimonies
Intervenors (Garry Ehlebracht, Steven Greber, Mary Greber, Richard Rall, Amy Rall and Laretta Kranz)
12/12/19 - Intervenors' Pre-filed Direct Testimonies

01/23/20 - Wind Farm Lease and Easement Agreement
Certificate of Service

Rebuttal Testimonies
Crowned Ridge Wind II, LLC
01/08/20 - Crowned Ridge Wind II, LLC's Letter regarding Rebuttal Testimonies