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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
For the Period February 26, 2009 through March 4, 2009

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NG09-001       In the Matter of the Filing by Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. for Approval of its Natural Gas Conservation Programs and Conservation Tracking Adjustment.

Application by Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. (Montana-Dakota), a Division of MDU Resources Group, Inc., for Commission approval to remove the experimental qualifier associated with its Gas Conservation Program.  The Company is proposing to continue the application of Rate 90 and expand its natural gas portfolio to include four additional gas conservation programs and remove the experimental nature of the current tariff through the implementation of a biennial review of the Company's portfolio of programs to be filed by June 1 of every other year.

Staff Analysts: Brian Rounds/Dave Jacobson/Bob Knadle
Staff Attorney: Karen Cremer
Date Filed: 03/02/09
Intervention Deadline: 03/20/09


OC09-002       In the Matter of the Complaint filed by Larry Englerth, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, against Mark Seifkes dba S.P.O.T., DeSmet, South Dakota.

            The South Dakota One Call Notification Board received a complaint on March 3, 2009, against Mark Seifkes dba S.P.O.T.  According to the complaint, although Mark Seifkes dba S.P.O.T. is statutorily required to be a member of the One Call System, he has refused to join. 

One Call Executive Director: Larry Englerth
Staff Attorney: Kara Semmler
Date Filed: 03/03/09


TC09-009        In the Matter of the Filing by Midstate Telecom, Inc. for an Extension of an Exemption from Developing Company Specific Cost-Based Switched Access Rates.

            MidState Telecom has requested an extension of its exemption from filing a switched access cost study for a period of six months after the effective date of the new rules adopted by the Commission in RM05-002.  MidState further requested approval of its intrastate switched access rate of 11.5 cents per minute.

Staff Analyst: Jon Thurber
Staff Attorney: Karen Cremer
Date Filed: 03/02/09
Intervention Deadline: 03/20/09

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