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TC14-073 - In the Matter of the Joint Application of Kite Parent Corp. (a Subsidiary of WideOpenWest Finance, LLC) and Its Subsidiaries Knology of the Plains, Inc., Knology of the Black Hills, LLC, Knology Community Telephone, Inc., Knology of South Dakota, Inc., and Black Hills Fiber Systems, Inc. and Clarity Telecom, LLC Regarding the Sale of Telephone Exchanges to Clarity Telecom, LLC, Transfer of Certificates of Authority, Eligible Telecommunications Carrier Designation, and Relinquishment of Eligible Telecommunications Carrier Designations

Date Filed: 07/15/14 ♦ Intervention Date and Comments Due: 08/18/14 ♦
Date of Notice of Filing: 07/17/14 Amended Notice of Filing: 07/31/14 ♦
Docket Closed: 10/30/14

Service List

September 16, 2014, Addendum to Agenda of Commission Meeting
September 16, 2014, Agenda of Commission Meeting
September 2, 2014, Commission Meeting

Minutes of September 16, 2014, Commission Meeting
Minutes of September 2, 2014, Commission Meeting

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