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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

South Dakotans elect their three Public Utilities Commissioners to staggered, six-year terms. A dedicated staff of analysts, attorneys, consumer representatives and other professionals work with the commissioners to carry out the duties of the PUC. The PUC's website,, contains a wealth of information including audio webcasts and meetings and hearings.

Utility Regulation
The commission regulates investor-owned electric, natural gas and telephone utilities. The PUC ensures utility companies in South Dakota provide safe and reliable service and that investor-owned companies do so with just and reasonable rates. It plays a more limited regulatory role with respect to telecommunications companies and cooperative and municipal utilities.

Siting Authority
The PUC has authority to issue permits for the construction of energy conversion, AC/DC conversion, wind energy, solar energy, and electric transmission facilities as well as certain pipelines, including those designed to transport coal, gas, liquid hydrocarbon products or carbon dioxide.

Other Responsibilities
The PUC helps resolve disputes between customers and their utilities and operates the South Dakota Do Not Call Registry. The commission also operates the natural gas pipeline safety program and licenses and inspects state public grain warehouses and grain buyers.

Advocacy and Education
The Commission advocates for smart telecommunications and energy policy at the state and federal levels and works hard to educate consumers about ways to save energy and money. The PUC acts as a resource to landowners, communities and developers for both renewable energy development and for the build-out of our state's wireless telecommunications networks.