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VoIP and Wireless Form -

(This form is for VoIP and Wireless Providers only. All other telecommunication providers please contact the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission at (605) 773-3201.)

VoIP and Wireless telecommunications providers that are new to serving South Dakota customers should submit complete contact information to the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission, using the form below.

All telecommunications providers are responsible to annually submit a gross receipts tax assessment to the PUC. Around March 1 of each year, the PUC will send a gross receipts tax revenue form to all telecommunications companies doing business in South Dakota. The sworn and verified form is due to the PUC by April 1. By May 1, the commission will establish a rate and assess the gross receipts tax for the preceding calendar year and send an invoice. The tax is due and payable by July 15.

In addition, all telecommunications companies doing business in South Dakota are required to submit an annual report to the PUC by July 1 of each year, summarizing the company's operations for the previous calendar year. Companies will be notified in the spring of each year regarding the requirement. Annual reports may be submitted online.


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