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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission Meeting
May 19, 2015, at 1:30 p.m. CDT
Room 412, Capitol Building
Pierre, South Dakota


Chairman Chris Nelson called the meeting to order. Present were: Acting Commissioner Richard Sattgast; Commission Counsel: John Smith; Staff Attorney: Kristen Edwards; Staff Analysts: Darren Kearney and Brian Rounds; and Staff: Katlyn Gustafson.

Also present were:
Cheri Wittler, Court Reporter; and Kara Semmler, May, Adam, Gerdes and Thompson, LLP, representing Dakota Access, LLC.

Joining the meeting by telephone were:
Commissioner: Gary Hanson; Thomasina Real Bird, Fredericks Peebles & Morgan LLP, representing Yankton Sioux Tribe; Kimberly Craven, Attorney, representing Dakota Rural Action; Glenn Boomsma, Breit Law Office, P.C., representing Peggy A. Hoogestraat, Kevin J. Schoffelman, Linda Goulet, Corlis Wiebers, Mavis Parry, Shirley Oltmanns, Janice E. Petterson, Marilyn Murray, Delores Andreessen Assid, Joy Hohn, and O rrin E. Geide; and Matt Rappold, Rappold Law Office, representing Rosebud Sioux Tribe Sicangu Oyate Land Office and Sicangu Lakota Treaty Office.

Hydrocarbon Pipeline

1.     HP14-002     In the Matter of the Application of Dakota Access, LLC for an Energy Facility Permit to Construct the Dakota Access Pipeline (Staff Analysts: Brian Rounds, Darren Kearney; Staff Attorney: Kristen Edwards)

A lengthy discussion took place regarding docket HP14-002. An audio of the discussion can be found on the PUC website under Commission Actions, Commission Meeting Archives, 2015, May 19, 2015, recording located at: When received by the Commission, a transcript of the discussion will be able to be accessed on the PUC website at:

      Acting Commissioner Sattgast moved to grant the request by intervenors represented by attorney Glenn Boomsma to join in the Motion to Amend Procedural Schedule.  Motion carried 3-0.

     Commissioner Nelson moved to grant, in part, the Motion to Amend Procedural Schedule by making the following changes:  Change the deadline to submit second discovery requests for those parties that submitted first round discovery requests to May 29, 2015, with responses due on June 22, 2015; and extend the deadline for filing pre-filed direct testimony to July 6, 2015.  All other deadlines will remain unchanged.  Motion carried 3-0.

There being no further business, at the hour of 2:12 p.m. the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission meeting adjourned.

/s/Joy Lashley     .
Joy Lashley
Administrative Assistant
PUC Email
May 19, 2015