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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission Meeting

Tuesday, June 6, 2006, at 9:00 A.M.

State Capitol Building, Room 412

Pierre, South Dakota




Chairman Bob Sahr called the meeting to order.  Also present were Vice Chairman Dustin Johnson; Commissioner Gary Hanson; Executive Director Patty Van Gerpen;  Commission Attorneys Rolayne Ailts Wiest and John Smith; Staff Attorneys Karen Cremer and Sara Greff; Staff Analysts Dave Jacobson, Martin Bettmann, Harlan Best, Bob Knadle, Nathan Solem and Keith Senger; and Administrative Secretary Tina Douglas.


Also present were Bob Miller, South Dakota Electric Utility Companies; Jeff Decker, NorthWestern Energy; Audry Ricketts, South Dakota Rural Electric Association (SDREA); Darla Rogers, Riter, Rogers, Wattier & Brown, representing SDREA; and Rich Coit, South Dakota Telecommunications Association (SDTA).


Joining the meeting by telephone were Colleen Sevold, Qwest Corporation; Doug Eidahl, Vantage Point; and JoAnn Hohrman.




1.    CE06-002       In the Matter of the Complaint filed by Sioux Valley Southwestern Electric Cooperative, Inc., d/b/a Sioux Valley Energy against Northern States Power Company, d/b/a Xcel Energy, Regarding Provision of Electric Service to Myrl and Roy's Paving  (Staff Analyst:  Dave Jacobson,  Staff Attorney:  Sara Greff)


Darla Rogers stated that on June 1, 2006, SDREA filed a Petition for Intervention.  Ms. Sara Greff recommended granting Intervention to SDREA in this docket


Chairman Sahr moved to grant SDREA's Petition to Intervene in Docket CE06-002.  Commissioner Hanson seconded and Commissioner Johnson concurred.  Motion passed 3-0.




1.    RM06-001       In the Matter of the Adoption of Rules Regarding Eligibility, Certification and Reporting Requirements for Eligible Telecommunications Carriers. (Commission Attorney:  Rolayne Ailts Wiest)


Ms. Rolayne Wiest explained the recommended changes to the rules regarding eligibility, certification, and reporting requirements for telecommunications carriers requesting designation as eligible telecommunications carriers and for carriers previously designated as eligible telecommunications carriers.   


Commissioner Johnson moved to approve the rules in Docket RM06-002.  Commissioner Hanson seconded and Chairman Sahr concurred.  Motion passed 3-0.


Commissioner Hanson excused himself and left the meeting because of a conflict of interest with Docket NG06-003.


Natural Gas


1.    NG06-003       In the Matter of the Filing by NorthWestern Corporation d/b/a NorthWestern Energy for Approval of a Contract with Deviations with Prairie Ethanol Plant.  (Staff Analysts:  Nathan Solem/Dave Jacobson, Staff Attorney:  Karen Cremer)


Jeff Decker, NorthWestern Energy, stated that NorthWestern is requesting approval of a contract with deviations to provide natural gas delivery service to Prairie Ethanol, LLC located at Loomis, SD.  This is a new plant and will involve 14 miles of pipeline.  The cost of the construction of the pipeline is included in the rate over the next 10 years.   Mitchell is quickly filling up its capacity so a compressor station will be constructed as well to help with that problem.  Mr. Jacobson stated that this approval today only addresses the pipeline extension to the ethanol plant not the compressor station expansion and the staff is in the process of reviewing that issue.  Mr. Jacobson recommended approval of the Contract with Deviations.


Commissioner Johnson moved to recess into an executive session and Chairman Sahr seconded.  Motion passed 2-0.


Commissioner Johnson moved to reconvene the Commission Meeting and Chairman Sahr seconded.  Motion passed 2-0.


Chairman Sahr moved to approve the Contract with Deviations and Commissioner Johnson seconded.  Motion passed 2-0.


Meeting adjourned.



Tina Douglas

Administrative Secretary