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Consumer Complaints Administrative Rules and Statutes

Administrative Rules
20:10:01:07.1. Contents of consumer complaint.
20:10:01:08.1. Commission action on consumer complaints.
20:10:01:09. Service of the complaint -- Service of other complaints.
20:10:01:10. Actions which satisfy complaint.
20:10:01:15.01. Burden in contested case proceeding.
20:10:01:22.02. Notice of hearing.


49-13-1. Application to commission by interested party--Direct damage unnecessary--Rules prescribing form and procedure for complaints.

49-13-1.1. Complaint to commission or suit by private person--Election of rememdies.

49-13-3. Compliance by telecommunications company or carrier as exoneration only for particular violation complained of.

49-13-4. Investigation of complaint -- Inquiry without complaint.

49-13-7. Record--Contents--Transcipt of evidence.

49-13-9. Hearing before any commissioner.

49-13-9.1. Corporations and business entities may appear without counsel in certain cases.

49-13-13. Proof of violation--Detemination of just rate--Cease and desist order--Duty of telecommunications company or motor carrier to comply.

49-13-14. Determination of damages--Order directing payment.

49-13-14.1 Violations by telecommunications company or motor carrier--Civil liability--Double liability upon suit--Attorney's fees.

49-13-14.2 Necessity for demand before suit.

49-34A-58. Adequacy of service determined by commision--Notice and hearing--Order to correct inadequacy--Transfer of rights on failure to comply.

49-34A-59.Notice and hearing on violations of service area provisions--Time for decision.