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South Dakota Utility Providers

The PUC provides these links to electric, natural gas, telephone and wireless telecommunications service providers to help you know more about the companies that serve you.

Utilities serving South Dakota communities
This handy reference lists the companies that provide electric, natural gas and local telephone service for South Dakota communities.

Investor-Owned Electric Utilities
There are six investor-owned utility companies that provide electric service to specific geographic areas in South Dakota that are regulated by the PUC. These companies are owned by their investors and are managed as private enterprises.

Electric Cooperatives
More than two dozen electric cooperatives provide power to rural customers and residents of many South Dakota towns. Each customer is a member and owner of the co-op. The business of the co-op is directed by its general manager and governed by a board of directors, elected by its membership. Three power cooperatives – Basin, East River and Rushmore – are generation and transmission cooperatives. These organizations provide electricity to their member co-ops that, in turn, deliver the power to their customers.

Municipal Electric Utilities
Several South Dakota communities are served by a municipal electric utility. The city owns the utility to supply electric services to residents in that community. The local government entity manages the operation.

Natural Gas Utilities
Three investor-owned natural gas companies provide service to South Dakota customers: Montana-Dakota Utilities Co., MidAmerican Energy Co., and NorthWestern Energy and are regulated by the PUC. The communities of Crooks, Garretson, Humboldt and Watertown are served by municipally-owned natural gas utilities.

Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers, Telephone Providers
An ILEC is a telephone company that was providing local service when the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was enacted. Examples of ILECs serving South Dakota are Golden West Telecommunications, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Telephone Authority and Beresford Municipal Telephone Company. See a complete list of ILEC companies. Some companies, such as CenturyLink and Midstate Communications, can be both an ILEC and a CLEC (see below) in different service areas.

Competitive Local Exchange Carriers, Telephone Providers
A CLEC is a local exchange carrier providing local telephone service in competition with the incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC). Midcontinent Communications is an example of a CLEC serving South Dakota customers. See a complete list of CLEC companies. Some companies, such as CenturyLink and Midstate Communications, can be both a CLEC and an ILEC (see above) in different service areas.

Long Distance Telephone Providers
Many long distance telephone providers are certified by the PUC to do business in South Dakota. These companies carry traffic between telephone exchanges.

Operator Service Telephone Providers
An operator service provider is a telecommunications company that provides, by contract, a connection to long distance or local services from such places as hotels, motels, hospitals and campuses. See operator service providers authorized to do business in South Dakota.

Wireless Telecommunications Providers
Several wireless companies provide service throughout South Dakota.