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Natural Gas Meter Safety

If you believe damage has occurred around your gas meter or smell gas, call your gas provider and 911 immediately. 

Safety should always be your top priority when dealing with natural gas. When you dig snow out from around your gas meter, please watch for these warning signs that could indicate a malfunction. If you sense any of these red flags, get out of the house, go somewhere safe and call for help.

  • SIGHT – a dense fog, mist or white cloud
  • SMELL – a distinctive gaseous odor
  • SOUND – hissing, whistling or roaring noise

Other important tips for maintaining your gas meter:

  • Check your gas meter on a regular basis. Follow through with necessary clearing of snow or debris and contact your natural gas provider if you detect damage. Be aware that snowmelt can refreeze and build up.
  • Meters are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, but they still need to be protected from ice and snow buildup during the harsh winter months.
  • Use a broom, a snow brush or your hands to lightly remove snow and ice that is capable of being removed. For extremely heavy ice buildup where these methods of removal are not effective, contact your natural gas provider.
  • DO NOT strike meters with snow blowers, blades or shovels.
  • DO NOT kick your meter to break or clear ice.
  • Protect your meters by removing overhead icicles and snow from eaves and gutters to ensure they do not cause damage as they fall. Dripping water can also splash and freeze on the meter or vent pipes, which could affect proper operation.
  • Keep a clear path to your gas meter for your own access as well as emergency responders.

March 2023