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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
For the Period October 11, 2012, through October 17, 2012


TC12-179     In the Matter of the Filing by Ymax Communications Corp. for Approval of Revisions to its Tariff No. 2

On October 11, 2012, the Commission received a filing for approval of YMax Communications Corp. (YMax) tariff filing. This filing makes revisions to incorporate the requirements of the Federal Communications Commission Report and Order in WC Docket No. 10-90, etc., FCC No. 11-161 (released November 18, 2011) ("FCC Order") regarding the treatment of Toll VoIP-PSTN traffic. Additionally, this filing revises the intrastate access rates in compliance with the FCC's ICC Reform Order to mirror the YMax's interstate access rates. YMax requests an effective date of November 11, 2012.

Staff Analyst:  Chris Daugaard
Staff Attorney:  Kristen Edwards
Date Filed:  10/11/12
Intervention Date:  11/02/12

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