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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
For the Period October 27, 2011, through November 2, 2011


OC11-011     In the Matter of the Complaint Filed by Northern Natural Gas Company, Harrisburg, South Dakota, Against Wilbert Plienis, Colton, South Dakota

On October 31, 2011, the Commission received a complaint filed by Northern Natural Gas Company, Harrisburg, South Dakota, against Willis Plantis, Colton, South Dakota. Northern Natural Gas alleges excavation occurred without obtaining a One Call locate ticket.

One Call Executive Director: Larry Janes
Staff Attorney: Kara Semmler
Date Filed: 10/31/11


TC11-088     In the Matter of the Application of Wide Voice, L.L.C. for a Certificate of Authority to Provide Local Exchange Services in South Dakota

On October 27, 2011, the Commission received an application from Wide Voice, L.L.C. for a certificate of authority to provide local exchange services in South Dakota. Wide Voice, L.L.C. proposes to offer competitive local exchange service, including exchange access service, within the state of South Dakota using its own facilities. Wide Voice intends to offer its services initially in the territory now served by Qwest. It may also utilize resold services available from the underlying ILEC or other facilities-based carriers. Petitioner will negotiate an interconnection agreement with Qwest Corporation.

Staff Analyst: Jon Thurber
Staff Attorney: Karen Cremer
Date Filed: 10/27/11
Intervention Deadline: 11/18/11

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