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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission


For the Period February 14, 2008 through February 20, 2008


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CT08-001 - In the Matter of the Complaint filed by Chris Weber/Pico's Garage Inc., Sioux Falls, South Dakota, against Reduced Rate Long Distance, LLC, Regarding Unauthorized Long Distance Charges.


              Complaint by Chris Weber of Pico's Garage Inc. against Reduced Rates Long Distance regarding the unauthorized long distance charges billed to his business.  The Complainant contends Reduced Rates, charged him for services it neither ordered nor authorized.  The Complainant requests corrective action as authorized according to South Dakota statutes.   

Staff Analyst: Deb Gregg

Staff Attorney:  Kara Semmler

Date Filed:  02/15/08  




EL08-004 - In the Matter of the Filing by Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. Regarding its Notification of Intent to Apply for a Permit for an Energy Conversion Facility.


              On February 20, 2008, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. filed a Notice of Intent to submit an application for a permit for an energy conversion facility.  The proposed facility is a 700-MW baseload energy conversion facility and associated linear facilities (i.e., electric transmission lines and water pipeline) in South Dakota referred to as the NextGen Project.  The proposed site for the energy conversion facility is located in Walworth County, approximately 2.75 miles to the west of Selby.  The energy conversion facility would be located on a greenfield (i.e., undeveloped) site of approximately 600 acres within a 2,360-acre plant site.  Preliminary electric system interconnection studies performed by Basin Electric indicates that approximately 40 miles of 230 kV transmission line between Basin's existing Broadland Substation, approximately 3 miles west of Huron, and Basin's existing Storla Substation, approximately 10 miles southwest of Woonsocket, would also be required.   

Staff Analysts:  Nathan Solem/Brian Rounds/Daris Ormesher/Bob Knadle

Staff Attorney:  Karen Cremer

Date Filed:  02/20/08

Intervention Deadline:  03/07/08  



TC08-030 - In the Matter of the Application of Access Point, Inc. for a Certificate of Authority to Provide Interexchange Telecommunications Services and Local Exchange Services in South Dakota.


              On February 14, 2008, Access Point, Inc. ("Access") filed an application for a certificate of authority to provide local exchange service in Qwest Exchanges in South Dakota by utilizing a combination of unbundled network elements and resold services obtained from other local exchange carriers pursuant to interconnection and or commercial agreements.  The company intends to initiate service upon approval of its application and all filed agreements.   

Staff Analyst: Bob Knadle
Staff Attorney: Kara Semmler

Date Filed: 02/14/08
Intervention Deadline: 03/05/08 

TC08-031 -  In the Matter of the Complaint filed by Kennebec Telephone Company, Inc., against Alltel Communications, Inc. Regarding Nonpayment of Transiting Charges.


              On February  20, 2008,  Kennebec Telephone Company, Inc. filed a complaint against  Alltel Communications, Inc. for failing to pay charges associated with transiting services .

Staff Analyst: Keith Senger
Staff Attorney: Kara Semmler
Date Filed: 02/20/08
Intervention Deadline:  N/A

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