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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

For the Period of November 17, 2005 through November 23, 2005

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CT05-007      In the Matter of the Complaint filed by PrairieWave Telecommunications, Inc. against AT&T Communications of the Midwest, Inc. Regarding Access Charges

On November 21, 2005, PrairieWave Telecommunications, Inc. filed a complaint against AT&T Communications of the Midwest, Inc. for failing to pay access charges at the rates approved by this Commission. 

Staff Analyst: Harlan Best
Staff Attorney: Sara B. Greff (Is now Kara Van Bockern)
Date Docketed: 11/21/05
Answer Due: 12/12/05 


EL05-026      In the Matter of the Application of Otter Tail Power Company for Approval to Amend its Controlled Service-Interruptible Load Tariff 

Application by Otter Tail Power Company for approval of revisions to its Controlled Service - Interruptible Load Tariff which would close rate code 180 to new customers effective no later than January 1, 2006. The Controlled Service - Interruptible Load Tariff is available to residential and commercial customers primarily for the electric portion of a dual fueled heating system. Rate Code 180, initially approved in 1983, provides for an installation credit or reduced rate, for three years after service commencement in order to encourage customers to install a dual fuel system. Because of recent price increases in alternative fuels, Otter Tail believes the credit is no longer needed as an incentive for customers to install duel fuel systems with controlled electric service. Customers currently being served on Rate Code 180 would be grandfathered in and continue to receive the credit for the three year period from service commencement.  

Staff Analyst: Dave Jacobson
Staff Attorney: Karen E. Cremer
Date Filed: 11/18/05
Intervention Deadline: 12/09/05


TC05-193      In the Matter of the Filing by Qwest Corporation for Approval of Revisions to its Access Service Tariff 

On November 17, 2005, Qwest Corporation (Qwest) filed changes to its Access Service Tariff "to revise charges associated with changing a primary interexchange carrier, consistent with the FCC's Order in CC Docket No. 02-53, In The Matter of Presubscribed Interexchange Carrier Charges. Effective with this filing, when a customer chooses to change their long distance carrier and the change is processed manually, a charge of $5.50 will apply. If the change is processed electronically, a $1.25 charge will apply. If simultaneous interLATA and intraLATA changes are requested, a charge of $2.75 will apply for manual changes; $[0.62] will apply if the changes are made electronically." The present charge is $5.00. Qwest is requesting "an effective date of December 31, 2005, for these proposed revisions." 

Staff Analyst: Harlan Best
Staff Attorney: Karen E. Cremer
Date Docketed: 11/17/2005
Intervention Deadline: 12/09/2005

TC05-194      In the Matter of the Filing by Budget Phone, Inc. for Approval of its Intrastate Switched Access Tariff and for an Exemption from Developing Company Specific Cost-Based Switched Access Rates

On November 21, 2005, Budget Phone, Inc. filed a petition for exemption from developing company specific cost-based switched access rates and for approval of its access service tariff. Budget Phone, Inc. is requesting approval to mirror the Qwest Corporation tariffed access rates in accordance with ARSD 20:10:27:12. 

Staff Analyst: Harlan Best
Staff Attorney: Sara B. Greff
Date Docketed: 11/21/05
Intervention Deadline: 12/09/05

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