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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

For the Period of December 7, 2006 through December 13, 2006

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EL06-028      In the Matter of the Joint Request for an Electric Service Rights Exception between Lyon Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. and Sioux Valley-Southwestern Electric Cooperative, Inc. d/b/a Sioux Valley Energy.

On December 11, 2006, Sioux Valley Southwestern Electric Cooperative, Inc., doing business as Sioux Valley Energy (SVE) and Lyon Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LREC) filed an Agreement for Electric Service Territory exception to the SVE electric service territory permitting LREC to provide electric service to a new rural service in Tract 2 Grimmius Addition, in the South half of Southwest quarter of Section 35, Township 101 North, Range 48 West, in Minnehaha County, South Dakota.  The consent on the part of SVE is limited to the service for Mr. Earl Grimmius and will automatically terminate upon removal or abandonment of such service.  The reasons for requesting an exception to the electric service territory boundaries, allowing LREC to provide service to Earl Grimmius' property, are as follows: LREC is already providing service to Mr. Grimmus' new building is from the existing service point;  SVE would need to construct over 2,000 feet of new electrical line to provide service to a new shop, when LREC has line essentially on the property in question, thereby duplicating what already exists.  SVE, LREC, and Mr. Earl Grimmius have all agreed to this territorial exception.

Staff Analysts:  Brian Rounds and Martin Bettmann
Staff Attorney:  Karen E. Cremer
Date Filed:  12/11/06
Intervention Deadline:  12/29/06  


TC06-197      In the Matter of the Filing for Approval of Terms and Conditions for Interconnection, Unbundled Network Elements, Ancillary Services and Resale of Telecommunications Services between Qwest Corporation and Crystal Communications, Inc. n/k/a HickoryTech Long Distance.

On December 7, 2006 the Commission received a filing for the approval of a wireline Interconnection Agreement between Qwest Corporation and Crystal Communications, Inc. n/k/a HickoryTech Long Distance.  Any party wishing to comment on the Agreement may do so by filing written comments with the Commission and the parties to the Agreement no later than December 27, 2006.  Parties to the Agreement may file written responses to the comments no later than twenty days after service of the initial comments. 

Staff Attorney:  Kara Van Bockern
Date Filed:  12/07/06
Initial Comments Due:  12/27/06

TC06-198      In the Matter of the Filing by Sancom, Inc. d/b/a Mitchell Telecom for Approval of Revisions to its Intrastate Switched Access Tariff.

On December 12, 2006, Sancom, Inc. d/b/a Mitchell Telecom filed revised rate pages for its switched access services tariff. Sancom is reducing its switched access rates in order to mirror the Local Exchange Carriers Association (LECA) settlement stipulation rate of $0.1250 per access minute that was approved by the Commission in TC06-079. Sancom filed a proposed effective date of January 1, 2007, for the rate change.

Staff Analyst:  Harlan Best
Staff Attorney:  Karen E. Cremer
Date Filed:  12/12/06
Intervention Deadline:  12/29/06

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