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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
For the Period of November 9, 2000 through November 15, 2000

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CT00-108 In the Matter of the Complaint filed by Vern L. Douville, Chamberlain, South Dakota, against America's Tele-Network Corp. Regarding Unauthorized Switching of Services.

Complainant alleges that his long distance carrier was switched in May or June, 2000, without his permission. He requested reimbursement for all of the America's Tele-Network long distance charges, the $5.00 switching fee and the maximum penalty of $1000.00.

Staff Analyst: Charlene Lund
Staff Attorney: Kelly Frazier
Date Docketed: 11/13/00
Intervention Deadline: N/A


EL00-033 In the Matter of the Petition of Xcel Energy, Inc. for a Statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission Regarding Investment in Foreign Utilities.

Xcel Energy, Inc. has filed a petition with for the Public Utilities Commission to certify to the SEC that: (1) the SDPUC has the authority and resources to protect the ratepayers subject to its jurisdiction; (2) the SDPUC intends to exercise its authority; and (3) the SDPUC does not object to the SEC=s granting of authority to Xcel Energy Inc. to invest in exempt wholesale generators (EWGs) and foreign utility corporate organizations (FUCOs) in an amount up to 100% of its consolidated retained earnings.

Staff Analyst: David Jacobson
Staff Attorney: Kelly Frazier
Date Docketed: 11/15/00
Intervention Deadline: 12/01/00


TC00-183 In the Matter of the Filing by Qwest Corporation for Approval of its Cost Recovery True-Up for Dialing Parity Implementation.

Qwest Corporation filed a confidential True-Up Study supporting the implementation of a revised Equal Access and Network Reconfiguration Recovery Charge (EANRC) to the Switched Access Tariff. "The EANRC price will change from $0.001108 to $0.000874. The decrease in price is due to an increase in demand from what was originally forecasted. Qwest [Corporation] requests approval of these revisions on January 1, 2001."

Staff Analyst: Harlan Best
Staff Attorney: Karen Cremer
Date Docketed: 11/13/00
Intervention Deadline: 12/01/00

TC00-184 In the Matter of the Application of Global TeleLink Services, Inc. for a Certificate of Authority to Provide Interexchange Telecommunications Services and Local Exchange Services in South Dakota.

Global TeleLink Services, Inc. (Global) is seeking a Certificate of Authority to provide local exchange and intrastate interexchange service in South Dakota. Global intends to provide a wide variety of traditional local voice and data telecommunications services to consumers and other telecommunications carriers in South Dakota. These services may include single and multi-line residential and business services, CENTREX, high-capacity private line, ISDN, digital subscriber line, frame relay services, directory listing, and optional CLASS service features.

Staff Analyst: Heather Forney
Staff Attorney: Kelly Frazier
Date Docketed: 11/15/00
Intervention Deadline: 12/01/00

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