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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
For the Period of August 31, 2000 through September 6, 2000

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EL00-025 In the Matter of the Joint Request for Assigned Service Territory Exception between Watertown Municipal Utilities Department and Codington-Clark Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Watertown Municipal Utilities Department has purchased 2.7 miles of electric distribution system on the east side of Watertown from Codington Clark Electric Cooperative. Watertown Municipal Utilities Department and Codington Clark Electric Cooperative are jointly requesting an exception to assigned service territory for the services on the portion of the electric distribution system purchased by Watertown Municipal Utilities.

Staff Analyst: Michele Farris
Staff Attorney: Karen Cremer
Date Docketed: 09/06/00
Intervention Deadline: 09/22/00


NG00-008 In the Matter of the Filing by MidAmerican Energy Company for Approval of a Refund Plan for 2000 Distribution of Kansas Ad Valorem Tax Refund.

Application by MidAmerican Energy to refund amounts related to Kansas Ad Valorem taxes paid from 1983 to 1988. The refund is a result of Kansas property taxes being added to natural gas prices resulting in prices that exceeded the maximum lawful price of natural gas pursuant to the Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978. MidAmerican previously requested deferral of this refund until a final determination of the refund amount was decided by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) or the courts. MidAmerican is now filing a refund plan to initiate the refund at this time subject to true up of the final amount as determined by the FERC, the courts or a settlement of the parties in this matter.

Staff Analyst: Dave Jacobson
Staff Attorney: Karen Cremer
Date Filed: 09/06/00
Intervention Deadline: NA


TC00-133 In the Matter of the Filing for Approval of an Interconnection Agreement between Qwest Corporation and @link Networks, Inc.

A Resale Interconnection Agreement between Qwest Corporation and @link Networks, Inc. was filed with the Commission for approval. The agreement is a negotiated agreement wherein the parties set forth terms, conditions and prices for provisioning services for resale and certain unbundled network elements, ancillary functions and additional features. The agreement also sets forth terms, conditions and prices under which the parties agree to interconnect and pay reciprocal compensation for exchange of local traffic. Any party wishing to comment on the agreement may do so by filing written comments with the Commission and the parties to the agreement no later than September 21, 2000. Parties to the agreement may file written responses to the comments no later than twenty days after the service of the initial comments.

Staff Attorney: Karen Cremer
Date Docketed: 09/01/00
Initial Comments Due: 09/21/00

TC00-134 In the Matter of the Application of Premiere Network Services, Inc. for a Certificate of Authority to Provide Telecommunications Services, Including Local Exchange Services, in South Dakota.

Premiere Network Services, Inc. has filed for a Certificate of Authority to provide local exchange and interexchange service on a resold and facilities basis throughout South Dakota. Premiere intends to offer local service, advanced services, MTS, directory assistance, operator assistance, Toll-Free calling services, directory listing services, and telecommunications relay services.

Staff Analyst: Michele Farris
Date Docketed: 09/05/00
Intervention Deadline: 09/22/00

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