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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
For the Period of May 18, 2000 through May 24, 2000

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TC00-084 In the Matter of the Petition of Fiber Ring Revenue-Pooling Association for Approval of Revenue Pooling Arrangements.

The Fiber Ring Revenue-Pooling Association (FRRPA) filed a petition on May 17 requesting the Commission 1) find that FRRPA's pooling arrangements are in the public interest; 2) review and approve the pooling arrangements between FRRPA and the Ring User Local (RUL) Exchange Companies as represented in the RUL agreements and between FRRPA and the SONET Ring Providers (SRP) as represented in the SRP Agreements; and 3) issue an Order approving said arrangements, as provided in SDCL 49-31-59.1. FRRPA has been organized to provide a pooling mechanism for a collective, cost shared, cost averaged, non-distance sensitive, fully-protected transport network for local exchange companies whose traffic is carried on any of the joint South Dakota local exchange company and SDN SONET ring transport facilities.

Staff Analyst: Heather Forney
Staff Attorney: Karen E. Cremer
Date Docketed: 05/17/00
Intervention Deadline: 06/09/00

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