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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
For the Period of January 14, 1999 through January 20, 1999

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EL99-001 In the Matter of the Filing by Black Hills Power and Light Company for Approval of New General Service Large - Optional Combined Account Billing Rate Schedule.

On January 14, 1999, Black Hills Power and Light Company (BHP&L) filed an optional General Service Large (Combined Account Billing) rate tariff. BHP&L proposes to offer this optional billing to single customers in South Dakota who have multiple accounts at multiple service locations that are currently billed on BHP&L's General Service Large rate tariff. Initially, BHP&L will combine the customer's energy use, reactive energy use, and peak demand for each service and calculate the monthly electric bill on the General Service Large rate using the combined capacity and energy use totals. Metering equipment will be installed within 5 years, upon agreement between BHP&L and the customer, which will allow combined accounts to be billed on a coincident demand and billing basis upon certain requirements being met by the customer. Customers using this rate will be required to sign a new contract with BHP&L which address a potentially deregulated market.

Staff Attorney: Camron Hoseck
Staff Analyst: Martin Bettmann
Date Filed: 01/14/99
Intervention Deadline: 02/05/99


TC99-006 In the Matter of the Application of OneStar Long Distance, Inc. for a Certificate of Authority to Provide Telecommunications Services in South Dakota.

OneStar Long Distance, Inc. is a reseller which intends to offer 1+ and 101XXXX direct outbound dialing, 800/888 Toll-Free inbound dialing, travel card and prepaid calling card services through the resale of telephone services provided by facilities-based interexchange carriers.

Staff Attorney: Camron Hoseck
Staff Analyst: Harlan Best
Date Filed: 01/19/99
Intervention Deadline: 02/05/99


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