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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
For the Period of September 11, 1998 through September 17, 1998

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TC97-126      In the Matter of the Filing by U S West Communications, Inc. For Approval of an Interconnection Agreement Between U S West Communications, Inc. And Dakota Telecom, Inc. And Dakota Telecommunications Systems, Inc.

Amended Interconnection Agreement between Dakota Telecom, Inc. and U S WEST Communications, Inc.  This amendment adds or replaces language in the original agreement.  Any party wishing to comment on the parties' amendment may do so by filing written comments with the Commission and the parties to the agreement no later than October 7, 1998.  Parties to the amendment may file written responses to the comments no later than October 26, 1998.

Staff Attorney:  Camron Hoseck.
Date Filed:  September 17, 1998
Responses Due:   October 7, 1998.

TC98-153      In the Matter of the Petition of East Plains Telecom, Inc., for Approval of Extension of Waiver of Switched Access Rules

Petition by East Plains Telecom, Inc. for an extension of the waiver of the switched access rules granted in TC96-125.  East Plains requests that it be allowed to continue charging a seven cent switched access rate in the two exchanges it purchased from U S WEST Communications until the Commission approves a new rate, based on a cost study using calendar year 1998 data.  East Plains did not acquire the Alcester and Hudson exchanges until June 1, 1997, and it does not have 12 months of actual operations and traffic information for these two exchanges.

Staff Attorney:  Karen Cremer
Staff Analyst:  Harlan Best
Date Filed:  September 14, 1998
Intervention Deadline:  October 2, 1998

TC98-154      In the Matter of the Application of New Concept Communications, LLC for a certificate of authority to provide telecommunications services in South Dakota.

Application by New Concept Communications, LLC for a Certificate of Authority to provide resold interexchange telecommunications services in South Dakota including intrastate long distance, travel and debit cards, and directory assistance.

Staff Attorney:  Camron Hoseck
Staff Intern:  Kylie Tracy
Date Filed:  September 15, 1998  
Intervention Deadline:  October 2, 1998

TC98-155      In the Matter of the Complaint filed by Loretta Spear, Hill City, South Dakota, against U S West Communications.

Complaint by Loretta Spear vs U S West Communications.  Complainant raises service issues including static on their lines, service disruptions, delayed repairs, and inability to receive Caller ID subscription.   The Complainant requests the following relief:  "Insure that credit is given for Caller ID and 3 weeks without telephone service.  Also resolution to updating telephone service in the area."

Staff Attorney:  Karen Cremer
Consumer Representative:  Leni Healy
Date Filed:  September 3, 1998
Intervention Deadline:  NA

TC98-156      In the Matter of the Complaint filed by Dale and Rene Larson, Lead, South Dakota, against U S West Communications.

Complaint by Dale and Rene Larson vs. U S West Communications.  Complainants allege that on August 22, 1998, their telephone number was disconnected and someone else's number was ringing into their line.  The business line had been disconnected several days before the problem was discovered.  The Complainants requested a repair of their service.  At the time the Complainants filed the complaint, the service had not been repaired.  The Complainants are requesting $1500 from U S West for lost business and damages.

Staff Attorney:  Karen Cremer
Consumer Representative:  Leni Healy
Date Filed:  September 11, 1998
Invention Deadline:  NA

TC98-157      In the Matter of the Complaint filed by Karen Erickson, Aberdeen, South Dakota,  against McLeodUSA Telecommunications Services, Inc.

Complaint by Karen Erickson  vs. McLeodUSA Telecommunications Services, Inc.  Complainant alleges that on April 27, 1998, telephone service was requested to be installed at Complainant's residence on May 1, 1998.  Service was not provided until May 20, 1998.  The Complainant requests $185 for switching fees, $200 for emotional stress, and payment of cellular service.

Staff Attorney: Karen Cremer
Consumer Representative:  Leni Healy
Date Filed:  September 2, 1998
Invention Deadline:  NA


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