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2009 Informational Telecommunications Filings

2009 Info TC01 - Notification by Maskina Communications, Inc. of Withdrawal Certification.
Date Filed: 01/05/09 ♦

2009 Info TC02  - Notification of Cancellation of Interexchange Telecommunications Authority for LDMI Telecommunications, Inc. d/b/a LDMI Telecommunications d/b/a FoneTel.
Date Filed: 01/13/09 ♦

2009 Info TC03 - Notification by Business Productivity Solutions, Inc. of Withdrawal.
Date Filed: 01/13/09 ♦

2009 Info TC04 - Notification by Embarq Communications, Inc. Regarding Merger of Embarq Corporation and CenturyTel, Inc. 
Date Filed: 01/14/09 ♦

2009 Info TC05 - Notification of Name Change by OnStar Corporation to OnStar LLC. 
Date Filed: 01/27/09 ♦

2009 Info TC06 - Notification by Total Call Mobile, Inc., of Wireless Resale Service in South Dakota. 
Date Received: 01/26/09 ♦ Date Filed: 01/29/09 ♦

2009 Info TC07 - Notifications of the Transfer of Control of First Communications, LLC to Renaissance Acquisition Corp and First Communications, LLC and Gores FC Holdings, LLC.
Date Filed: 02/10/09 ♦

2009 Info TC08 - Notification of Americatel Corporation and Startec Global Operating Company of a Pro Forma Reorganization and Transfer of Customer Base. 
Date Filed: 02/10/09 ♦

2009 Info TC09 - Notification of Name Change for Verizon Long Distance LLC f/Wa Bell Atlantic Communications, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Long Distance and Verizon Enterprise Solutions LLC f/Wa NYNEX Long Distance d/b/a Verizon Enterprise Solutions.  
Date Filed: 02/17/09 ♦

2009 Info TC09A - Notification from NexUSTel, LLC (TC08-099) is no longer providing Service in SD.
Date Filed: 03/24/09 ♦

2009 Info TC10 - Notification of Assumed Business Name (Startec) by Americatel Corporation d/b/a 10 123 Americatel, d/b/a 1010 123 Americatel, d/b/a AMETEX, d/b/a 1 800 3030 123 Americatel Collect.
Date Filed: 03/31/09 ♦

2009 Info TC11 - Notification by Primus Telecommunications, Inc. Regarding the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Proceeding of its Parents, Primus Telecommunications Group, Incorporated and Primus Telecommunications Holding, Inc. 
Date Filed: 04/15/09 ♦

2009 Info TC12 - Notification of name change by Qwest Communications Company, LLC (fka Qwest Communications Corporation).
Date Filed: 04/20/09 ♦

2009 Info TC13 - Notification by Comcast Business Communications, LLC, to Discontinue of Certain Telecommunications Services.
Date Filed: 05/07/09 ♦

2009 Info TC14 - Notification of Americatel Corporation and Startec Global Operating Company of Pro Forma finalization.  
Dated Received:  05/04/09 ♦ Date Filed: 05/07/09 ♦

2009 Info TC15 - Platform Agreement between Qwest Corporation and Greenfly Networks, Inc. d/b/a Clearfly Communications, Inc.  
Date Filed: 05/18/09 ♦

2009 Info TC16 - Notification of Name Change for Consolidated Communications Enterprise Services, Inc, d/b/a Consolidated Communications Operator Services, previously known as Consolidated Communications Network Services, Inc., d/b/a Consolidated Communications Operator Services. 
Date Filed: 05/20/09 ♦

2009 Info TC17 - Platform Agreement Between Qwest Corporation and Digital Telecommunications, Inc.
Date Filed: 05/21/09 ♦

2009 Info TC18 - Notification by Startec Global Operating Company of its Withdrawal of Interexchange Services in South Dakota.
Date Filed: 05/27/09 ♦

2009 Info TC19 - Notice of Discontinuance of Interexchange Long Distance Telecommunications Service submitted on behalf of Talk America Inc.   
Date Filed: 05/28/09 ♦

2009 Info TC20 - Nonfiction by VCI Company of Withdrawal.  
Dated Received:  05/13/09 ♦ Date Filed: 05/29/09 ♦

2009 Info TC21 - Notification by Primus Telecommunications, Inc Regarding a Transaction in Connection with the Planned Consensual Financial Restructuring.
Date Filed: 06/23/09 ♦

2009 Info TC22 - Notification by First Choice Technology, Inc. and Netlojix Telecom Inc. for Approval of an Asset Purchase Agreement.  
Date Filed: 07/17/09 ♦

2009 Info TC23 - Notification by Global Crossing Telecommunications, Inc., Budget Call Long Distance, Inc. and Global Crossing North American Networks, Inc. Regarding their Intent to Provide Their Security in Connection with Financing.
Date Filed: 07/20/09 ♦

2009 Info TC24 - Notification by Capital Telephone Company, Inc. of Withdrawal.
Date Filed: 07/27/09 ♦

2009 Info TC25 - Platform Agreement between Qwest Corporation and EnTelegent Solution, Inc.
Date Filed: 08/19/09 ♦

2009 Info TC26 - Notification by Asia Talk Telcom Inc. of Withdrawal Certification.
Date Filed: 09/21/09 ♦

2009 Info TC27 - Notification of Fictitious Name Change for Embarq Communications, Inc.
Date Filed: 10/13/09 ♦

2009 Info TC28 - Notification of a Change in Ownership of NobelTel, LLC.  
Date Filed: 11/18/09 ♦

2009 Info TC29 - Notification of Reorganization and Exit from Bankruptcy under Chapter 11 of OnStar LLC
Date Filed: 11/30/09 ♦

2009 Info TC30 - Notification of Discontinuance of Common Carrier Broadband Internet Access Transmission of Service of McLeodUSA Telecommunications Services, Inc. d/b/a PAETEC Business Services in Selected Areas.  
Date Received: 11/23/09 ♦ Date Filed: 11/30/09 ♦

2009 Info TC31 - Notification of McLeodUSA Telecommunications Services, Inc. in Corporate Form, Name Change and Pro Forma Reorganization.
Date Filed: 12/02/09 ♦

2009 Info TC32 - Notification of Transfer of Control by Total Call International, Inc., KDDI America, Inc. and OPEX Communications, Inc.
Date Received: 11/24/09 ♦ Date Filed: 12/02/09 ♦

2009 Info TC33 - Notification of MegaPath Inc.,, Inc. and DSLnet Communications, LLC regarding a Pro Forma Internal Change of Control of DSLnet Communications, LLC.  
Date Filed: 12/04/09 ♦

2009 Info TC34 - Notification of Corporate Conversion of MCC Telephony of the Midwest, Inc to MCC Telephone of the Midwest LLC.
Date Filed: 12/07/09 ♦

2009 Info TC35 - Joint Notification of Onvoy, Inc., Zayo Group, LLC and Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. Regarding a Pro Froma Change in Direct Ownership of Onvoy, Inc. 
Date Filed: 12/08/09 ♦

2009 Info TC36 - Notification of the Merger of Golden West Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc. as the parent company and its Subsidiaries: Bridgewater-Canistota Independent Telephone Company; Armour Independent Telephone Company; Vivian Telephone Company, Kadoka Telephone Company, Union Telephone; Company of Hartford and Armour Independent Telephone Company; Golden West Telephone Properties; Golden West Telephone Properties, Inc.; and Sioux Valley Telephone Company.
Date Filed: 12/30/09 ♦

2009 Info TC37 - Notification from Software Cellular Network (North America) Ltd. dba Truphone to provide Commercial Mobile Radiotelephone Service.
Date Filed: 12/30/09 ♦