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Wind Energy Development in South Dakota

Wind energy is fast becoming an area of interest in South Dakota. The information is intended to help you become more informed about wind energy and what it means to our state's economy, environment and energy mix.

The PUC's role in wind energy development is regulation and education. The PUC has siting authority for wind farms with a capacity of 100 megawatts or more. Smaller wind projects are not regulated by the commission. The PUC provides information on this Web site, on, and through other sources to help South Dakotans understand the opportunities and obstacles regarding wind energy use and development. It is necessary to have accurate information to make responsible and wise economic and environmental decisions.

See information about the Public Utilities Commission's Small Renewable Energy Initiative, a multi-part approach to encourage common sense development of distributed generation.



South Dakota Wind Energy Development, map

Wind Energy Siting Dockets

Landowner Tools
Three South Dakota agencies – the Energy Infrastructure Authority, the PUC and the Attorney General's Office – produced the South Dakota Landowner's Wind Power Development Handbook as an information resource.

Small Wind

Small Wind Energy Facility Construction Notices


Download South Dakota Wind Energy booklet

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