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TC12-016 - In the Matter of the Complaint and request for Declaratory Ruling filed by Midcontinent Communications Against PaeTec Communications, Inc. and McLeodUSA Telecommunications Services, L.L.C. regarding the Delivery of Telecommunications Traffic and Payment
for such Traffic

Date Filed: 01/12/12 ♦ Amended Intervention Deadline: 02/24/12 ♦ Docket Closed: 03/28/12

Service List

Weekly Filing:
Weekly Filing 02/02/12 to 02/08/12
Weekly Filing 01/12/12 to 01/18/12

March 27, 2012, Addendum to Agenda to Commission Meeting
February 28, 2012, Agenda to Commission Meeting

Minutes of March 27, 2012, Commission Meeting
Minutes of February 28, 2012, Commission Meeting

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