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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission Meeting
March 26, 2008, at 10:00 A.M.
State Capitol Building, Room 464
Pierre, South Dakota


Chairman Gary Hanson called the meeting to order.  Present were: Vice Chairman Steve Kolbeck; Executive Director Patty Van Gerpen; Commission Advisor Greg Rislov; Commission Attorneys John Smith and Rolayne Wiest; Staff Attorney Karen Cremer; Staff Analysts Bob Knadle, Dave Jacobson and Brian Rounds; and Administrative Secretary Demaris Axthelm.

Also present were: Kim Pederson, Kevin Kouba and Chuck Hanson, Otter Tail Power Company

Joining the meeting by telephone were: Commissioner Dustin Johnson; and Jim Wilcox, Xcel Energy.


1.          EL07-011 -  In the Matter of the Filing by Otter Tail Power Company for Approval of its Proposed Energy Efficiency Partnership Plan for 2008.   (Staff Analysts:  Brian Rounds/Dave Jacobson/Steve Wegman/Bob Knadle, Staff Attorney:  Karen Cremer)

          Ms. Kim Pederson stated that at the request of the Commission, Otter Tail Power Company submitted an Energy Efficiency Plan for the Customers of South Dakota.  Ms. Pederson further stated that the plan is a condensed version of what Otter Tail offers in Minnesota and the plan itself is made up of 10 programs with a budget of around $180,000 per year.  The overall lifetime cost of the program would be a little greater than a penny and substantially less than the avoided cost.  Otter Tail believes this would be an appropriate mix for South Dakota which hasn't had an energy efficiency program for a number of years.  Mr. Brian Rounds stated that Staff does like the 10 individual programs that Otter Tail submitted.  Mr. Rounds then gave a brief summary on Otter Tail's proposed programs that raise certain issues including free riders and lifetime estimations.  Mr. John Smith inquired to Staff and Otter Tail Power Company as to the Commission's jurisdiction regarding the above-captioned matter.  Specifically Mr. Smith asked if jurisdiction was most appropriately found under SDCL 49-34A-8.2, 49-34A-12, or 49-34A-25.  Mr. Dave Jacobson stated that previously Staff had considered such filing as includable in the Fuel Adjustment Clause as an offset or Negawatt Adjustment. 

          Chairman Hanson stated that at this time the Commission would not take any action until both parties review Mr. Smith's jurisdictional question.

There being no further business, at the hour of 11:53 am the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission Meeting adjourned.


___/s/ Demaris Axthelm___________
Demaris Axthelm
Administrative Secretary