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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission Meeting

Wednesday, November 23, 2005, at 11:30 A.M.

DDN - CapA, State Capitol Building, Pierre, South Dakota

DDN - Sioux Falls/USDSU282 - 2205 Career Place - Sioux Falls, South Dakota


NOTE:  Notice is further given to persons with disabilities that this Commission meeting is being held in a physically accessible place.  If you have special needs, please notify the Commission and we will make all necessary arrangements.




1.    RM05-001        In the Matter of Revisions to the Energy Facility Siting Rules. (Commission Attorney:  Rolayne Ailts Wiest)


 On September 28, 2005, the Commission opened this rulemaking docket regarding energy facility siting rules.  The siting rules set forth the information that is required to be provided by an applicant.  The proposed rule amendments add wind energy facilities to the siting rules and list the specific requirements for a wind energy facility application.  In addition, one of the proposed rules, 20:10:22:33.01, sets forth the requirements for the removal of wind energy facilities and possible bonding or other financial requirements to ensure removal.  Another proposed rule amendment, 20:10:22:04 decreases the required number of paper copies of an application and requires the application to be filed electronically.  Another proposed rule amendment, 20:10:22:05, requires applications to list all permits needed from any state or federal entity.  Most of these rule changes are a result of legislative changes to the Commission's energy facility siting laws.  A hearing was held on November 1, 2005 at 9:30 a.m. in Room 412 of the State Capitol.  Written comments were received from Missouri River Energy Services, Basin Electric Cooperative, and FPL Energy on November 14, 2005.


TODAY, shall the Commission Approve the Rules?


Heather K. Forney

Acting Executive Director

November 21, 2005