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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
For the Period October 5, 2017, through October 11, 2017

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EL17-042     In the Matter of the Application of Otter Tail Power Company for an Energy Conversion Facility Permit for the Construction of a Combustion Turbine Generator and Associated Infrastructure Including a Natural Gas Pipeline and Electric Transmission Line near Astoria, South Dakota

Staff Analysts:  Darren Kearney/Jon Thurber
Staff Attorneys:  Kristen Edwards/Amanda Reiss
Date Filed:  10/05/17
Intervention Date:  12/04/17

EL17-043     In the Matter of the Joint Request for Service Rights Exception between Whetstone Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc. and Otter Tail Power Company

Staff Analyst:  Joseph Rezac
Staff Attorney:  Amanda Reiss
Date Filed:  10/10/17
Intervention Date:  10/27/17

EL17-044     In the Matter of the Joint Request for Service Rights Exception between Northern States Power Company dba Xcel Energy and Southeastern Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Staff Analyst:  Lorena Reichert
Staff Attorney:  Amanda Reiss
Date Filed:  10/11/17
Intervention Date:  10/27/17


OC17-020     In the Matter of the Complaint Filed by Montana-Dakota Utilities, Rapid City, SD, Against Muth Electric, Rapid City, SD for an Incident Occurring on September 27, 2017, at Dunsmore Street & Poppy Trail, Rapid City, SD.

One Call Executive Director:  Larry Janes
Staff Attorney:  Amanda Reiss
Date Filed:  10/05/17
Answer Deadline:  10/30/17


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