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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
For the Period December 18, 2008 through December 24, 2008

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EL08-034        In the Matter of the Filing by Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. Regarding its Notification of Intent to Apply for a Permit for an Energy Conversion Facility.

         On December 23, 2008, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. filed a Notice of Intent to submit an application for a permit for an energy conversion facility. The proposed facility is a 300-MW combined cycle energy conversion facility and associated linear facilities (i.e., electric transmission lines, water pipeline and gas pipeline) near White, South Dakota referred to as the Deer Creek Station Project. The proposed site is located in NE 1/4, Section 25, Township 111N, Range 48 W, Brookings County, approximately 7 miles to the southeast of White, South Dakota, or 20 miles east of Brookings. The energy conversion facility would be located on a greenfield (i.e., undeveloped) site of approximately 40 acres within a 100-acre plant site. One 345-kilovolt (kV) transmission line segment would be constructed to interconnect the energy conversion facility to the existing 115/345-kV Western White Substation immediately adjacent to the site. The Plant site is proposed to be located approximately 12 miles south of the NBPL, thereby ensuring a reliable fuel source is in the vicinity. The natural gas to be used for the combined cycle electricity generation would be sourced from the NBPL via a pipeline estimated to be 10-inch-diameter.

Staff Analyst: Dave Jacobson/Nathan Solem/Brian Rounds/Stacy Splittstoesser
Staff Attorney: Karen Cremer
Date Filed: 12/23/08
Intervention Deadline: 01/09/09

EL08-035         In the Matter of the Petition by Xcel Energy for Fuel Clause Adjustment Recovery of MISO Ancillary Services Market Net Costs and Revenue.

     Application by Northern States Power Company, a Minnesota corporation for approval of proposed revisions to the Company's Fuel Clause Rider tariff ("Fuel Clause Rider") to allow pass-through of the costs and revenues associated with the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc. Ancillary Services Market, scheduled to commence on January 6, 2009. Along with the revised Fuel Clause Rider tariff, the Company requests approval of corresponding revisions in the accounting to recover costs and pass through revenues (i.e., a credit offsets to the costs) incurred for South Dakota electric customers.

Staff Analyst: Dave Jacobson/Terri LaBrie Baker
Staff Attorney: Karen Cremer
Date Filed: 12/24/08
Intervention Deadline: 01/09/09


TC08-140        In the Matter of the Filing for Approval of an Amendment to an Interconnection Agreement between Qwest Corporation and Verizon Wireless f/k/a CommNet Cellular, Inc.

        On December 19, 2008, the Commission received a filing for approval of an Amendment to an Interconnection Agreement between Qwest Corporation and Verizon Wireless f/k/a CommNet Cellular, Inc.  Any party wishing to comment on the Agreement may do so by filing written comments with the Commission and the parties to the Agreement no later than January 8, 2009.  Parties to the Agreement may file written responses to the comments no later than twenty days after service of the initial comments. 

Staff Attorney: Kara Semmler
Date Filed: 12/19/08
Initial Comments Due: 01/08/09

TC08-141        In the Matter of the Application of 321 Communications, Inc. for a Certificate of Authority to Provide Local Exchange Services in South Dakota.

            On December 19, 2008, 321 Communications, Inc. filed its application for a Certificate of Authority to provide local exchange service throughout the State of South Dakota in the areas served by any LECs in South Dakota that are not eligible for a small or rural carrier exemption pursuant to Section 251(f)(1) of the Federal Act.

Staff Analyst: Terri LaBrie Baker
Staff Attorney: Karen E. Cremer
Date Filed: 12/19/08
Intervention Deadline: 01/09/09

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