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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission


For the Period March 6, 2008 through March 12, 2008


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TC08-032 -  In the Matter of the Petition of Qwest Corporation for Waiver of Utilization Threshold Requirement in the Huron, South Dakota Rate Center.


              On March 10, 2008, Qwest Corporation filed for a waiver of the utilization threshold requirements outlined in FCC's Number Resource Optimization Orders, FCC 00-429 and FCC 01-362 released in CC Docket No 99-20, to allow NeuStar, the Number Pooling Administrator, to provide a thousands block of numbers to a Qwest customer.

Staff Analyst: Brian Rounds

Staff Attorney: Karen Cremer

Date Filed: 03/10/08

Intervention Deadline: 03/21/08

TC08-033 - In the Matter of the Filing by Brookings Telephone d/b/a Swiftel Communications for Approval of Revisions to the Local Exchange Service Territory for the City of Brookings, South Dakota.

         As a result of a 2006 annexation to the City of Brookings, the Commission received a filing from Swiftel Communications pursuant to SDCL 49-31-69 for approval to amend its certificate of authority.

Staff Analyst: Bob Knadle
Staff Attorney: Kara Semmler
Date Docketed: 03/12/08
Intervention Deadline: 03/28/08

TC08-034 - In the Matter of the Application of BEK Communications Cooperative for a Certificate of Authority to Provide Local Exchange Services in South Dakota.

              BEK is a member-owned cooperative that offers a wide range of communications services including local telephone, long distance, high-speed internet, and multi-channel video. As of January 1, 2008, BEK serves 5467 members and 6495 access lines over a six-county region in south-central North Dakota. BEK seeks authority to provide service to one customer in South Dakota. BEK currently provides service to this customer through an exchange BEK purchased from US West (now Qwest) on June 1, 1996. BEK has recently engaged in discussions with Valley Telecom Cooperative, Inc., a South Dakota telecommunications company, regarding adjustments to the service territory border between the two companies in an effort to align the border with the North Dakota – South Dakota border. We reached agreement regarding the border changes except with respect to two customers, each of whom is currently being served by the service provider in the other state. The distance from each customer to the network of the service provider in his state makes it expensive and impractical to align the service territory border with the state line in each case. Accordingly, BEK seeks authority to serve this customer with local exchange services.

Staff Analyst: Dave Jacobson
Staff Attorney: Karen Cremer
Date Filed: 03/12/08
Intervention Deadline: 03/28/08 

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