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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

For the Period of February 9, 2006 through February 15, 2006

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EL06-005      In the Matter of the Filing by Otter Tail Corporation d/b/a Otter Tail Power Company for Approval of Tariff Revisions 

Application by Otter Tail Power Company for approval of new rate codes for interruptible electric service which would separately apply to customers subject to service curtailment on 15 minute on / 15 minute off basis during summer months. This short duration cycling of curtailment is now possible because of a new load management system Otter Tail is currently installing.

Staff Analyst:  Dave Jacobson and Nathan Solem
Staff Attorney:  Karen Cremer
Date Filed:  02/10/06
Intervention Deadline:  03/03/06 

EL06-006      In The Matter Of Otter Tail Power Company's Request For Approval Of Revisions To Its Voluntary  Renewable Energy Rider 

Application by Otter Tail Power Company for approval of revisions to its Voluntary Renewable Energy Rider which would reduce the cost to consumers for purchasing a 100 kwh block of renewable energy. The Application would also remove reference to a termination date for the program. The Application requests an effective date of September 1, 2005, and Otter Tail is proposing to refund to customers the difference between the amounts actually collected since that time and the new proposed rates. 

Staff Analyst:  Bob Knadle and Nathan Solem
Staff Attorney:  Sara Greff
Date Filed:  02/15/06
Intervention Deadline:  03/03/06 


TC06-014      In The Matter Of The Petition Of Northern Valley Communications, LLC For Waiver Of NeuStar, Inc. Denial Of Number Block Request In The Aberdeen Rate Center 

On February 15, 2006, Northern Valley Communications, LLC (NVC) filed a request with the Commission to waive the NeuStar Pooling Administrator's denial of its request for numbering resources in the Aberdeen rate center. The Pooling Administrator denied NVC's request because the company does not meet the 75% utilization and the months-to-exhaust requirements in the Aberdeen rate center. NVC is requesting a waiver of these requirements so it could receive three sequential number blocks in the Aberdeen rate center to satisfy a customer's request.

Staff Analyst:  Keith Senger and Nathan Solem
Staff Attorney:  Karen Cremer
Date Docketed:  02/15/06
Intervention Deadline:  02/27/06

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