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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

For the Period of April 25, 2002 through May 1, 2002

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CT02-012 In the Matter of the Complaint filed by Wayne and Donna Weig, Leola, South Dakota, against MCIWorldCom Regarding Deceitful Telemarketing Practices.

Complainants state that on April 16, 2002, they received a call from an MCI representative soliciting their long distance service. The telemarketing representative told the Complainants that the consumers' local long distance provider Valley Telco was merging with MCI and that the Complainants would be very happy with the merger. Wayne agreed to switch their service to MCI because of this merger. When Complainants contacted Valley Telco, they were advised that Valley Telco was not merging with MCI. Complainants attempted to put a pic freeze on their long distance service, but MCI switched their service provider before the pic freeze was placed on the line. Complainants have had previous problems with MCI and feel tha marketing practices are deceitful. Complainants want MCI to be fined heavily and its underhanded solicitation tactics put to an end.

Staff Analyst: Mary Healy
Staff Attorney: Kelly Frazier
Date Docketed: 04/25/02
Intervention Deadline: N/A

CT02-013 In the Matter of the Complaint filed by Charlene Lund on behalf of SDCASAA, Pierre, South Dakota, against MCIWorldCom and Qwest Corporation Regarding Unauthorized Billing for Services.

Complainant's representative states that the April 2002 phone bill contained an unauthorized charge for a 900 number call. Complainant's representative states that she did not make the call and there is no one else with access to the phone line. Complainant feels that the charge is either a billing error or a scam. Complainant's representative is requesting $1,000.00 to resolve the docket.

Staff Analyst: Mary Healy
Staff Attorney: Kelly Frazier
Date Docketed: 04/29/02
Intervention Deadline: N/A

CT02-014 In the Matter of the Complaint filed by Verne Thorstenson, Rapid City, South Dakota, against Qwest Corporation Regarding Continued Billing.

Complainant states that he began service with Black Hills FiberCom on December 5, 2000. Prior to that date, Complainant's phone service was with Qwest. Complainant had a three-way phone conversation with Qwest and Black Hills FiberCom to verify when Complainant's service began with Black Hills FiberCom. Qwest continued to take monthly payments by the Qwest automatic payment system after December 5, 2000. Complainant states that he was not notified that he should contact Qwest once his service was switched to Black Hills FiberCom. Complainant currently has his business account with Qwest and requests that Qwest credit his business account for the payments that were made by automatic payment when service was not used. Complainant would also like an explanation of rules that allow Qwest to retain income without providing service.

Staff Analyst: Mary Healy
Staff Attorney: Karen Cremer
Date Docketed: 04/30/02
Intervention Deadline: N/A



EL02-008 In the Matter of the Petition of Otter Tail Power Company for Approval of a Renewal of a Released Energy Tariff.

Otter Tail Power Company is requesting the Commission renew its Released Energy Tariff. This tariff will expire on June 22, 2002. This renewal would allow Otter Tail to purchase energy from its large customers who curtail their load.

Staff Analyst: Keith Senger
Staff Attorney: Karen Cremer
Date Docketed: 04/26/02
Intervention Deadline: 05/17/02


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