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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
For the Period of September 14, 2000 through September 20, 2000

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CT00-102 In the Matter of the Complaint filed by Robert E. Crow, Stephan, South Dakota, against AT&T Communications of the Midwest, Inc. and Midstate Telephone Company Regarding Delayed Disconnection.

Complainant alleges that AT&T is refusing to release him as a local and long distance customer. Complainant requests that he be disconnected from AT&T, that all bills and late charges be removed, and that he be reimbursed for travel expenses, lawyer's fees and lost pay.

Staff Analyst: Leni Healy
Staff Attorney: Karen Cremer
Date Docketed: 09/15/00
Intervention Deadline: NA

CT00-103 In the Matter of the Complaint filed by Kathy Meyer, Selby, South Dakota, against S&S Communications Regarding a Disputed Billing and Charges for Long Distance Services.

The Complainant alleges her daughter was given an 800 number to make free long distance calls. Calls were made using the number from January, 2000 to April 2000. In August, the Complainant received a phone bill for $2020.26 for calls made using the 800 number. The complainant alleges she has requested a payment plan from the telecommunications carrier, he company has denied this method to pay the bill. The complainant is requesting a review of the charges and an adjustment. The complainant requests to know if the telecommunications carrier (respondent) is a legal operation.

Staff Analyst: Charlene Lund
Staff Attorney: Karen E. Cremer
Date Docketed: 09/19/00
Intervention Deadline: NA


EL00-026 In the Matter of the Request by Xcel Energy for a Determination of Its Territory Boundaries.

Xcel Energy is requesting that the Commission review and hold a hearing to determine the electric service boundary between Xcel Energy and Southeastern Electric Cooperative, Inc., in Section 7, Township 100 North, Range 50 West, in Lincoln County. The approximate area in question is west of Interstate 29 between 61st Street, SW, and what will be known as Bakker Park Drive.

Staff Analyst: Martin Bettmann
Staff Attorney: Karen Cremer
Date Docketed: 09/15/00
Intervention Deadline: 09/28/00

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