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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
For the Period of January 20, 2000 through January 26, 2000

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TC00-003 In the Matter of the Application of ACN Communication Services, Inc. for a Certificate of Authority to Provide Telecommunications Services in South Dakota.

ACN Communication Services, Inc. is seeking a Certificate of Authority to provide resold interexchange telecommunication services in South Dakota. ACN plans to provide direct dial, toll free and calling card services with access to directory assistance to residential and business customer.

Staff Analyst: Keith Senger
Staff Attorney: Camron Hoseck
Date Filed: 01/25/00
Intervention Date: 02/11/00

TC00-004 In the Matter of the Order for a List of OLS, Inc. Subscribers.

A December 28, 1999, meeting, the Public Utilities Commission (Commission) voted unanimously to order OLS, Inc. (OLS) to provide the Commission with a list of all of its current South Dakota subscribers pursuant to SDCL 49-31-95. SDCL 49-31-95 provides that if the Commission receives more than two complaints within thirty days alleging unauthorized switching or billing of subscribers, the Commission may require the company complained against to provide the Commission with a complete list of its current subscribers, including the subscribers' billing addresses. Since September 1, 1999, the Commission has received 31 formal complaints and 536 informal complaints against OLS alleging the unauthorized switching or billing of subscribers. The Commission has ordered OLS to provide the list on or before February 8, 2000.

Staff Analyst: Leni Healy
Staff Attorney: Karen Cremer
Date Filed: 01/26/00
Intervention Deadline: NA

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