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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
For the Period of November 20, 1998 through November 25, 1998

If you need a complete copy of a filing faxed, overnight expressed, or mailed to you, please contact Delaine Kolbo within five business days of this filing.

Phone: 605-773-3705. Fax: 605-773-3809.


NG98-011 In the Matter of the Application of MidAmerican Energy Company for Authority to Increase Rates for Natural Gas Service.

On November 23, 1998, MidAmerican Energy Company filed with the Commission an application for authority to increase natural gas rates in South Dakota. The application seeks an overall increase in rates in the amount of $3,218,414 or approximately 6.5%. The Company has requested a change in rates to become effective for billings after December 23, 1998.

Staff Attorney: Camron Hoseck

Consumer Affairs: Leni Healy

Date Filed: 11-23-98

Invention Deadline: N/A


TC98-205 In the Matter of the Filing by U S WEST Communications, Inc. for Approval of Interconnection Agreement between Black Hills FiberCom, Inc. and U S WEST Communications, Inc.

On November 24, 1998, U S WEST Communications, Inc. filed an interconnection agreement between itself and Black Hills FiberCom, Inc. Any party wishing to comment on the agreement may do so by filing written comments with the Commission and the parties to the agreement no later than December 15, 1998. Parties to the agreement may file written responses to the comments no later than January 5, 1999.

Staff Attorney: Camron Hoseck

Date filed: November 24, 1998

Responses due: December 15, 1998

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