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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission


For the Period of October 30, 1998 through November 5, 1998

If you need a complete copy of a filing faxed, overnight expressed, or mailed to you, please contact Delaine Kolbo within five business days of this filing.

Phone: 605-773-3705. Fax: 605-773-3809.


NG98-010 In the Matter of the Application of MidAmerican Energy for continuation of its Incentive Gas Supply Procurement Program

Application of MidAmerican Energy to continue its Incentive Gas Supply Procurement Program for an additional three-year period or until such time as its purchased gas adjustment may be eliminated, whichever comes later. MidAmerican states that under a plan it has filed in Iowa, it will enable small volume gas transportation and has proposed to eliminate its PGA in May of 2000. MidAmerican is in the process of determining whether to extend the same type of transportation service to South Dakota.

Staff Attorney: Karen Cremer

Staff Analyst: Dave Jacobson

Date Filed: 10/30/98

Intervention Deadline: 11/19/98


TC98-195 In the Matter of the Application of Network Billing Systems, L.L.C. for a Certificate of Authority to Provide Telecommunications Services in South Dakota.

Application of Network Billing Systems, L.L.C. for a certificate of authority to provide intrastate telecommunications services in the state of South Dakota. Network Billing Systems is proposing to offer outbound interexchange telecommunications services. The Applicant does not propose to offer alternative operator services. Intrastate service is an add-on service available only if the customer subscribes to the company's interstate offerings.

Staff Attorney: Camron Hoseck

Staff Analyst: Harlan Best

Date Filed: 11/02/98

Intervention Deadline: 11/20/98

TC98-196 In the Matter of the Complaint filed by Don Jiracek on behalf of GSA, Inc., Rapid City, South Dakota, against McLeod USA, Regarding Inadequate Service.

Complaint by Don Jiracek vs. McLeod USA. The Complainant claims that a delay of installation of telephone service caused loss of income. The Complainant is seeking $33,000 in damages for lost business.

Staff Attorney: Camron Hoseck

Consumer Affairs: Leni Healy

Date Filed: 11/02/98

Intervention Deadline: NA

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