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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

State Capitol 500 E Capitol

Pierre, SD 57501-5070
Phone: (605) 773-3201 Fax: (605) 773-3809

These are the telecommunications service filings that the Commission has received for the period of: 10/18/96 through 10/24/96

If you need a complete copy of a filing faxed, overnight expressed, or mailed to you, please contact Delaine Kolbo @ 605-773-3705 within five days of this filing.


TC96-177 Application by Telec, Inc. for a Certificate of Authority to operate as a telecommunications company within the State of South Dakota. (Staff: DJ/KC)

Telec, Inc. "is a switchless reseller which intends to offer 1+ direct dialing, 800 (Toll-Free), travel card, and prepaid calling card service through the resale of telephone services provided by facilities-based interexchange carriers." Date Filed: 10/21/96 Intervention Deadline: 11/08/96


AT&T filed a new schedule (Schedule P) for SDDN 1.536 Mbps calls, a rate reduction in SDN 1.536 Mbps Switched Digital Service, and a promotion in the UniPlan/MegaCom Family in its Custom Network Service Tariff. The revisions are effective October 18, 1996.Date Filed: 10/17/96

Citizens Telecommunications Company d/b/a Citizens Telecom filed to modify language in its general liability section, to delete direct bill text, to introduce two new business service offerings, to add billing increments for all new services, and to increase the Residential Calling Card rate and surcharge in its tariff. These revisions are effective October 18, 1996. Date Filed: 10/18/96

WorldCom, Inc. d/b/a LDDS WorldCom filed to introduce a new promotion called WorldCom Advantage Plus II. The promotion is effective October 21, 1996. Date Filed: 10/18/96

AT&T filed to introduce the AT&T Simplified Calling Plan Promotion No. 5 and the AT&T Double Discount Promotion to its Message Telecommunications Service tariff. The promotions are effective October 22, 1996.Date Filed: 10/18/96

LCI International Telecom Corp. filed to add language to grandfather Integrity, Option A and B to existing customers only; to restructure the rates for Simply Guaranteed and Integrity, Option C to introduce IntraLATA pricing; to add three new promotions; and to introduce Option D, a new option of Simply Business. The revisions are effective October 23, 1996.Date Filed: 10/21/96

TTI National, Inc. filed to introduce a new service called Combined Business Calling Plan that is an Outbound, Inbound (800) and Travel Card Service. The revision is effective October 23, 1996.Date Filed: 10/21/96

WorldCom, Inc. d/b/a LDDS WorldCom filed to correct an error made in filing the Base Rate for the promotion called WorldCom Advantage Plus II. The new effective date is October 25, 1996. Date Filed: 10/23/96

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