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South Dakota
Public Utilities Commission

State Capitol
Pierre, SD 57501-5070
Phone: (800) 332-1782
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These are the telecommunications service filings that the Commission has received for the period of: 07/12/96 through 07/18/96

If you need a complete copy of a filing faxed, overnight expressed, or mailed to you, please contact Delaine Kolbo within five days of this filing.


TC96-126 Application by CFW Communications Services Inc. for a Certificate of Authority to operate as a telecommunications company within the State of South Dakota. (Staff: DJ/AR)

CFW proposes to offer prepaid calling cards which will be resold by South Dakota Independent Telephone Companies. Independent NECA Services will act as an intermediary, performing an intercompany billing and collection function between CFW and the Independent Telephone Companies.

Date Filed: 07/15/96

Intervention Deadline: 08/02/96

TC96-129 Application by Professional Communications Management Services, Inc. d/b/a PROCOM for a Certificate of Authority to operate as a telecommunications company within the State of South Dakota. (Staff: TH/AR)

PROCOM proposes to provide, on a 24-hour basis, a variety of telecommunications services on both a direct dialed and operator assisted basis. Operator services will be provided to presubscribed end-users as well as to privately owned pay phones and other traffic aggregators.

Date Filed: 07/18/96

Intervention Deadline: 08/02/96


TC96-127 Complaint of U S WEST Communications, Inc. (USWC) concerning the unauthorized construction of telecommunications facilities in the Harrisburg and Tea exchanges operated and owned by USWC.

"To the best of USWC's information and belief, Dakota Cooperative Telecommunications (DCT) and Dakota Telecom, Inc. (DTI) have begun to construct telecommunications facilities in USWC's Tea and Harrisburg exchanges....SDCL 49-31-21 requires that before a telecommunications company commences construction of a telecommunications facilitiy outside its lawful local exchange territory, it must apply for authority to do so. Neither DCT nor DTI have made the necessary application consistent with this statutory section for the Harrisburg exchange....ARSD chapter 20:10:25 is intended to implement the statutory requirements of SDCL 49-31-21. Neither DCT nor DTI have complied with the notice requirements of ARSD 20:10:25:02 or the additional requirements in ARSD 20:10:25:04 regarding the construction of facilities in either the Tea or Harrisburg exchanges. Both the applicable statute and implementing rules contemplate Commission action approving the construction of the telecommunications facility before construction is initiated. Construction of the telecommunications facility in the Tea and Harrisburg exchanges began without Commission approval of the construction. WHEREFORE, USWC requests that the Commission order DCT and DTI to cease construction of the telecommunications facility until such time as the Commission approves the construction after hearing and application of the appropriate legal standards to the construction of facilities." (Staff: HB/CH)

Date Filed: 07/16/96

TC96-128 Basec.Net-Sodak.Net vs Sanborn Telephone Cooperative.

"In 1995, Sodak.Net began providing local dial up access to many of the rural telephone company customers through an agreement with SDN. The rural telephone company would charge their customers $5 access fee to have a local number to Sodak.Net, or any of the ISP's [Internet Service Provider's] that have entered into an agreement with SDN. We have numerous customers who have been established with Sodak.Net on the Sanborn Exchange. As of July, late June, Sanborn Telephone Cooperative began its own ISP and will no longer allow local access for its customers to other ISP's, even for the nominal fee. We have talked with Dick Johnston who informed us they would not provide local access to any other ISP. We have some individuals who are very upset because they can not utilitize our services any longer, without long distance fees." I ask that the Commission grant the following relief. "Sanborn Telephone Cooperative should continue to offer Internet access for a nominal fee to the ISP of choice." (Staff: SW/CH)

Date Filed: 07/17/96


"Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc. hereby notifies the Commission of the construction of a buried fiber optic cable that will transit a portion of the U S WEST Watertown exchange....The purpose of this facility is to provide a buried fiber optic facility in a "ring" configuration that will network the exchanges of Intrastate Telephone Company, Inc. with the Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc. fiber optic network and to the host switch located at Clear Lake.

The remainder of the construction necessary to link existing fiber optic facilities in both companies and thereby complete the ring will be placed within the exchanges owned by ITC Telecom and ITC."

Date Filed: 07/17/96


TC96-125 "U S WEST Communications, Inc. (USWC), Golden West Telecommunications Cooperative (Golden West) and its subsidiary Vivian Telephone Company, Hanson Communications, Inc. (Hanson) and its subsidiary Fort Randall Telephone Company, and Baltic Telecommunications Cooperative (Baltic) and its subsidiary East Plains Telecommunications, Inc. jointly apply to the Commission for approval of the sale of USWC's Gregory, Clearfield, Witten and Lesterville exchanges to Golden Wes , Centerville, Viborg and Tabor exchanges to Hanson, and its Hudson exchange to Baltic.

The eight exchanges are the same exchanges the Commission approved for sale to Dakota Cooperative Telecommunications on July 31, 1995, [in TC94- 122]....Golden West, Hanson and Baltic are Commission - approved buyers of other USWC exchanges in South Dakota...[T]he Commission can judicially notice the relevant portions of the record with reference to Golden West and Hanson in TC94-122, and the record in TC96-010 with regard to Baltic....Because of the circumstances of these sales, the parties would request expeditious processing, the parties believe the public and evidentiary hearings could be simultaneously conducted in Pierre as soon as reasonably possible." (Staff: DJ/KC)

Date Filed: 07/15/96

Intervention Deadline: 08/02/96


AT&T filed to change the commitment period to 24 months for the CustomNet/CustomNet Option S IntraLATA Promotions 'A' and 'P', to extend the installation date for the CustomNet and CustomNet Option S IntraLATA Discount Promotion, and to change the SDN/VTNS/State Calling Service IntraLATA Usage Promotion to include existing T1.5 customers that order a new Access Value Plan or Access Value Arrangement in its Custom Network Service tariff. The revisions are effective July 15, 1996.

Date Filed: 07/12/96

WorldCom, Inc. d/b/a LDDS WorldCom filed to modify the rates for its Answer I, II, III and IV services. The revisions are effective July 16, 1996.

Date Filed: 07/15/96

Allnet Communications Services, Inc. filed to increase the directory assistance charge and the usage surcharge applicable to Edge and Solution Services in its tariff. The revisions are effective July 17, 1996.

Date Filed: 07/16/96