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South Dakota
Public Utilities Commission

State Capitol

Pierre, SD 57501-5070

Phone: (800) 332-1782

Fax: (605) 773-3809

These are the telecommunications service filings that the Commission has received for the period of: 07/05/96 through 07/11/96

If you need a complete copy of a filing faxed, overnight expressed, or mailed to you, please contact Delaine Kolbo within five days of this filing.


TC96-122 Application by Long Distance Direct Holdings, Inc. for a Certificate of Authority to operate as a telecommunications company within the State of South Dakota. (Staff: DJ/AR)

Applicant is a switchless reseller which intends to offer 1+ direct dialing, 800 toll free, travel card, and prepaid calling card services.

Date Filed: 07/05/96

Intervention Deadline: 07/26/96

TC96-123 Application by West River Long Distance Company (WRLD) for a Certificate of Authority to operate as a telecommunications company within the State of South Dakota. (Staff: TH/AR)

WRLD will provide business and residential direct dial long distance service as well as calling cards, incoming toll free service and operator service through a contract with Frontier Communications International, WRLD's network provider. WRLD will provide long distance service to customers in West River Telecommunications Cooperative's exchange of McLaughlin (prefix 823) and Mobridge Telecommunications' Mobridge exchange (prefix 845). This area includes parts of Dewey and Walworth Counties and most of Corson County.

Date Filed: 07/10/96

Intervention Deadline: 07/26/96


TC96-124 In The Matter Of The Establishment Of Switched Access Rates For Beresford Municipal Telephone Company. (Staff: HB/CH)

Beresford filed cost study revenue requirements that are included in the LECA switched access rate filing (TC96-092).

Date Filed: 07/10/96

Intervention Deadline: 07/26/96


One Call Communications, Inc. d/b/a OPTICOM filed tariff pages to introduce 800/888 Service Number Regulations, to revise (increase and decrease) Rate One rates, to increase National 800 rates, and to make textual changes. These revisions are effective July 8, 1996.

Date Filed: 07/05/96

Sprint filed to reduce usage rates for Spree Instant FONCARD service. The revision is effective June 10, 1996.

Date Filed: 07/09/96