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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

State Capitol 500 E. Capitol
Pierre, SD 57501-5070
Phone: (800) 332-1782
Fax: (605) 773-3809

These are the telecommunications service filings that the Commission has received for the period of: 02/28/97 through 03/06/97

If you need a complete copy of a filing faxed, overnight expressed, or mailed to you, please contact Delaine Kolbo within five days of this filing.


TC97-021 Application by Brookings Telephone to revise the franchise service territory map to reflect "the new telephone service territory as a result of annexation." (Staff: HB/KC)

Date Filed: 01/29/97
Intervention Deadline: 03/21/97


AT&T filed to reduce the rates for MultiQuest Government Agency and MultiQuest Express900 Government Agency service in its Custom Network Service Tariff. The revisions are effective February 28, 1997.

Date Filed: 02/27/97

U S WEST Communications filed to make one-time credits available to business customers when they purchase certain features with their lines. The packages are offered under the names Start-Up Business Packages and Growing Connections Packages in USWC's Exchange and Network Services Catalog. The revisions are effective March 15, 1997.

Date Filed: 02/28/97

CommuniGroup of K.C., Inc. d/b/a CGI Long Distance Services filed to introduce a new service called PersonalEdge. The offering is effective March 1, 1997.

Date Filed: 02/28/97

NYNEX Long Distance Company filed to eliminate the $10.00 minimum monthly charge applicable to its existing Flat Rate Plan for Residence Service and Northeast Plan for Residence Service. The revisions are effective March 6, 1997.

Date Filed: 03/04/97

Norlight Telecommunications, Inc. filed to replace its current tariff in its entirety. The new tariff is effective March 10, 1997.

Date Filed: 03/06/97

Preferred Carrier Services, Inc. filed to revise its address, to add a surcharge to Preferred Travel Service II, and to introduce five new services. The revisions are effective March 7, 1997.

Date Filed: 03/06/97

Important Notice: The Commission is compiling a list of internet addresses. If you have an internet address please notify the Commission by: E-mailing it to Terry Norum at: Faxing the address to the Commission at: 605-773-3809