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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

State Capitol 500 E. Capitol
Pierre, SD 57501-5070
Phone: (800) 332-1782
Fax: (605) 773-3809

These are the telecommunications service filings that the Commission has received for the period of: 01/17/97 through 01/23/97

If you need a complete copy of a filing faxed, overnight expressed, or mailed to you, please contact Delaine Kolbo within five days of this filing.


TC97-008 Robert E. McGinnis vs U S WEST Communications. The complaint involves international call blocking, reconnection fees, unreasonable U S WEST employees, and ongoing communications issues. (Staff: LH/CH)

Date Filed: 01/21/97


TC96-160 Western Wireless Corporation and U S WEST Communications, Inc. submitted copies of the contract entered into between the parties in compliance with the provisions of 47 U.S.C. ? 252(e).

Any person wishing to comment on the parties' request for approval may do so by filing written comments with the Commission and the parties to the agreement no later than 5 business days after the agreement is submitted to the Commission. Parties to the agreement may file written responses to the comments within 5 business days of service. The Commission will enter an order approving or rejecting the agreement within 30 days after submission of the agreement by the parties.

Date Filed: 01/23/97

Comments due by 01/30/97


Teleconnect Company filed to make a text correction to its 10321 Promotion. The change is effective January 18, 1997.

Date Filed: 01/17/97

GTE Card Services Incorporated d/b/a GTE Long Distance filed to add Private Line Service and Large Business Voice Service to its Tariff No. 1. The issue date of this filing is January 23, 1997.

Date Filed: 01/23/97

Midco Communications filed to increase the rates to all but dedicated access plans. The increases are effective February 17, 1997.

Date Filed: 01/23/97

Important Notice: The Commission is compiling a list of internet addresses. If you have an internet address please notify the Commission by: E-mailing it to Terry Norum at: Faxing the address to the Commission at: 605-773-3809