Wireless Providers



AT&T Call Protect:  This free service blocks potential fraud calls and labels calls from telephone numbers identified as suspicious, or from potentially unwanted sources (categories such as telemarketer, spam risk alert, and others).  Available for post-paid, mobile wireless customers with AT&T HD voice-enabled iOS or Android smartphones. Spam Risk Alerts require an AT&T HD Voice coverage area. 


Digital Phone Call Protect: Free for customers of AT&T Phone and AT&T’s consumer VoIP service, this service blocks calls from known scammers and sends customers a caller ID alert if a spam call is suspected.

Suspected Spam and Fraud Alerts: AT&T’s new service, available on an opt-out basis for customers with eligible smartphones who enroll in one of our current post-paid wireless plans, is offered at no additional charge. The service labels calls from telephone numbers identified with suspect or potentially unwanted sources.  This service is available for eligible customers who don’t have Call Protect.


AT&T Mobile Security and Call Protect PLUS: While AT&T offers several services free of charge, they also offer premium versions of these apps with additional features for $3.99/month per line. AT&T Mobile Security PLUS helps protect your data over open Wi-Fi connections, alerts you to  important data breaches and suspicious activity. AT&T Call Protect PLUS identifies unknown caller details and provides custom controls. For additional details about these features, visit an AT&T store or call 1-800-331-0500.




Premium Caller ID: This feature automatically screens unwanted robocalls and allows Sprint users to see the names of callers, even if you they aren’t in your address book. The service costs $2.99 per month. To find out if Premium Caller ID would work for you, visit your local Sprint store or call 1-888-211-4727.




Name ID: This service includes advanced features like personal number blocking, reverse number lookup and the ability to send entire categories of callers directly to voicemail. Caller categories that can be identified include scam likely, nuisance likely, telemarketing, political call, survey call, charity call, informational and prison/jail. The service also identifies calls from unknown numbers, includes a reverse phone search and has a spam block that blocks all likely scammers before they reach you.


T-Mobile Name ID is free to customers on Magenta Plus or T-Mobile ONE Plus plans, but all postpaid T-Mobile customers can get the Name ID app for just $4/month per line. To learn more, visit a T-Mobile store or call 1-877-453-1304.




Call Filter: This free service provides real-time alerts by labeling worrisome calls as “potential spam.” Blocking features like personal block and spam lists and spam filter are also included along with a spam risk meter, reporting function and spam lookup.


Call Filter Plus: If Verizon’s free service isn’t meeting your needs, the company also offers a premium subscription. For $2.99/month per line or $7.99/month for 3+ lines, the app will identify unknown numbers by name, call log, visual voicemail and eligible messaging apps. The real-time alerts also become more specific by adding two additional labels: “robocaller” and “potential fraud.”


Call Filter is not currently available for all calls, on all equipment or in all areas. To find out if this service is an option for you, visit your local Verizon store or call 1-800-922-0204 to speak with a representative.


Updated 8/26/2019