Landline Phone Service Providers

Most landline phone service providers offer some sort of service to help minimize unwanted calls, but the services available and cost associated with these add-ons varies from provider to provider. Here are some of the most common scam call deterrents typically offered by South Dakota landline phone service providers:


Telemarketer Call Screening or Terminating Call Manager or No Solicitation: Intercepts calls that are delivered as “unknown” or “out of area” and announces to callers that you do not accept calls from telemarketers and request that you be added to their “Do not call” list. Your telephone will not ring. Callers who aren’t telemarketers can dial 1 or stay on the line to complete the call.

Anonymous Call Rejection: All incoming calls marked “private” are automatically routed to an announcement indicating you do no accept private calls.

Security Screen: While technically Security Screen blocks calls, it's actually more of a screening service and requires callers share their phone number or be disconnected. People calling from blocked, unidentified, toll-free and long-distance numbers hear a message saying that you don't accept unidentified calls. Then, they are given the option to enter their 10-digit phone number or hang up.

Call Screening or Call Rejection: Create a list of phone numbers from which you do not wish to receive calls. Calls from these numbers are sent to an announcement that informs the caller you are not receiving calls at this time. The number of phone numbers you are allowed to put on this list varies by service provider.

Caller ID with Privacy+: Caller ID with Privacy+ intercepts calls that don't contain Caller ID information. Callers can record their names, then you decide which calls to accept or reject. You should notice a reduction in the number of calls you receive, since most telemarketing callers will hang up without recording a name.

AT&T Smart Call Blocker Phones: The phone works with any landline voice service and on all wireline networks (not just AT&T’s), for any consumer with caller ID. It screens incoming calls from telephone numbers not included on the consumer’s list of trusted telephone numbers. AT&T Smart Call Blocker phones are available for purchase and manufactured by Vtech.  There is no monthly charge but it does require the purchase of the phone.


Updated 8/26/2019