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The Broadband Road Trip: A High Speed Internet Tour

"The Broadband Road Trip" takes place August 24-25 in South Dakota. The event will highlight the importance of high-speed internet to rural America and bring that perspective to the ongoing federal telecommunications policy debate. Those taking the trip are Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein and South Dakota's Public Utilities Commissioners Bob Sahr, Gary Hanson and Dusty Johnson. Commissioner Sahr is leading the trip. The event will spotlight various businesses in South Dakota that are using the latest telecommunications technology to enhance their business. Stops will include Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Groton, Kennebec, Pierre, Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, Philip and Deadwood. The businesses visited vary from a family owned telephone company, a tribal owned telephone company, a livestock sales barn doing internet sales, and historic Deadwood whose businesses are promoting tourism via the Web, capitalizing on their stardom via the now-famous cable TV show with the same name.

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