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Wind Energy Development Meeting
July 31, 2007
Toronto, S.D.

An audience of around 200 interested people gathered at the Deubrook Elementary School in Toronto on July 31, 2007, for an informational meeting about wind energy development.

South Dakota Public Utilities Commissioners Dusty Johnson, Gary Hanson and Steve Kolbeck presented information on the basics of wind energy and addressed some recent developments in the state. Representatives of wind energy development companies including Navitas Energy, Consolidated Power Producers Corp./Cimarron Light & Power Systems, Northern Wind LLC, SummitWind LLC, PPM Energy, enXco and FPL Energy also made presentations.

Meeting agenda

South Dakota Public Utilities Commission presentation (459 KB)
Consolidated Power Producers Corp./Cimarron Light & Power Systems handout (126 KB)
PPM Energy presentation (765 KB)
enXco Development Corporation presentation (49 KB)