Drug & Alcohol Workshop

Thursday, April 4, 2013
1-5 p.m. MDT

Do you employ safety-sensitive workers, such as operator or contactor pipeline safety workers who perform the covered functions of maintenance, operations or emergency-response? Must you conduct Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol tests required by your State Pipeline Safety Authority and the Pipeline Hazardous and Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)? If any of these apply to you or your company, then this workshop is just what you need to help you understand what is involved in a compliant program that meets DOT/PHMSA requirements. Portions of the workshop will be tailored to workshop participants and their concerns. While the workshop welcomes all interested participants, it is especially useful for those serving as a DER, TPA, government regulator, DOT compliance consultant, MIS report certifying official, MIS report preparer, organization manager, field supervisor, pipeline safety worker, specimen collector, BAT, or anyone involved in a substance abuse/misuse program.