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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

For the Period of December 8, 2005 through December 14, 2005

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RM05-002     In the Matter of Revisions and/or Additions to the Commission's Switched Access Rules Codified in ARSD 20:10:27 through 20:10:29 

On December 14, 2005, the Commission opened this rulemaking docket regarding switched access rules.  In petitions for intervention filed by interexchange carriers in all of the switched access revenue requirement dockets pending before the Commission, petitioners alleged deficiencies in the cost study methodologies embodied in the Commission's rules as applied by local exchange carriers. Petitioners indicated in their filings that their concerns involve industry-wide policy issues, such as the proper regulatory treatment of investments in joint-use plant serving both regulated and unregulated services.  Petitioners suggested that a rulemaking proceeding might be the appropriate mechanism for consideration of these issues of general applicability. 

Staff Attorney:  Karen E. Cremer
Date Opened:  12/14/05
Written Comments Due:  02/03/06


TC05-220      In the Matter of the Filing for Approval of an Amendment to an  Interconnection Agreement between Qwest Corporation and Metropolitan Telecommunications of South Dakota, Inc. 

On December 12, 2005, the Commission received a filing for approval of a Triennial Review Order and Triennial Review Remand Order Amendment to an Interconnection Agreement between Qwest Corporation and Metropolitan Telecommunications.  According to the parties, this Amendment deletes certain UNEs and changes or adds terms and conditions for certain UNEs.  Any party wishing to comment on the Agreement may do so by filing written comments with the Commission and the parties to the Agreement no later than January 2, 2006.  Parties to the Agreement may file written responses to the comments no later than twenty days after the service of the initial comments. 

Staff Attorney:  Sara B. Greff
Date Filed:  12/12/05
Initial Comments Due:  01/02/06

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