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South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

State Capitol 500 E. Capitol
Pierre, SD 57501-5070
Phone: (800) 332-1782
Fax: (605) 773-3809

These are the telecommunications service filings that the Commission has received for the period of: 01/10/97 through 01/16/97

If you need a complete copy of a filing faxed, overnight expressed, or mailed to you, please contact Delaine Kolbo within five days of this filing.


TC97-003 Application by Sprint Spectrum L.P. for a Certificate of Authority to operate as a telecommunications company within the state of South Dakota. (Staff: TH/KC)

Applicant proposes to offer basic 1+ long distance services and eventually will expand its services offerings to include calling card, prepaid calling card and toll free service products.

Date Filed: 01/13/97

Intervention Deadline: 01/31/97

TC97-004 Application by BellSouth Long Distance, Inc. for a Certificate of Authority to operate as a telecommunications company within the state of South Dakota. (Staff: TH/CH)

Applicant proposes to initially offer proprietary cards for calls made primarily by the Company's customer base residing outside South Dakota when they travel into South Dakota for business or pleasure. In the future, the Company plans to expand its customer base to include South Dakota residential and business customers.

Date Filed: 01/13/97

Intervention Deadline: 01/31/97

TC97-007 Application by Heartland Telecommunications Company of Iowa for a Certificate of Authority to operate as a telecommunications company within the state of South Dakota. (Staff: HB/KC)

Applicant has purchased two exchanges, the Hawarden exchange and the Akron exchange, from U S WEST Communications that extend into South Dakota.

Date Filed: 01/16/97

Intervention Deadline: 01/31/97


TC97-005 Application by U S WEST Communications, Inc. requesting the Commission to allow U S WEST to implement an Interconnection Cost Adjustment Mechanism (ICAM) for a defined 36-month period.

The ICAM is limited to one time, extraordinary or start-up costs for systems modifications or development, network rearrangements and business office processes effectively mandated by The Act for the convenience and use by U S WEST's competitors, and to facilitate U S WEST's existing customers' ability to choose a different local exchange service provider. Because no current or proposed rate or charge will provide an opportunity for U S WEST to recover all of these extraordinary, one-time or start-up costs, U S WEST proposes the ICAM to recover the totality of such costs. U S WEST requests expeditious Commission treatment of this application. (Staff: HB/KC)

Date Filed: 01/14/97

Intervention Deadline: 01/31/97


TC97-006 Application by U S WEST Communications to introduce Smart Public Access Line (Smart PAL) on a flat and message rated monthly recurring and non-recurring basis to its Exchange and Network Services Tariff. (Staff: DJ/CH)

"The introduction of Smart PAL is intended to meet the requirements in the FCC Order 96-388 (Paragraphs 146 and 147) as modified in FCC Order 96-439 (Paragraph 163) to provision a coin line for use by all Payphone Service Providers who wish to place a "dumb" payphone set on the line. The coin line has traditionally been used only by U S WEST Public Services. In addition, this filing proposed withdrawing language in the tariff which regulates the operational characteristics of Payphone Service Provider pay telephones. The effective date requested for this filing is April 15, 1997."

Date Filed: 01/15/97

Intervention Deadline: 01/31/97


IXC Long Distance, Inc. filed to reduce Switched Access rates and to revise Employee Concession language. The changes are effective January 15, 1997.

Date Filed: 01/14/97